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Maths Day

This week we had Maths day, where the whole day was given over to maths based activities. Each year group did some learning outdoors, either using maths in PE or like Year 3 who looked for right angles in the courtyard. The Happy Puzzle Company put on a workshop for every year group, with physical puzzles to solve in groups. This was an exercise in collaboration and teamwork as well as thinking laterally to solve problems. We also built a...
Posted On 22 Jun 2019
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News & Updates

Reader/Writer of the Week

Reader of the Week Year 3 – Megan D and Isabel B Year 4 – Caden and Eliza Year 5 – Olivia and Meghan Year 6 – Isabelle and Harry K   Writer of the Week Year 3 – Freddie F, Harry M and Joseph F Year 5 – Jasmine, Lili Z and Taiya Year 6...
Posted On 14 Jun 2019
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Year 5 Team Up with The Royal Grammar School

This term Year 5 have teamed up with the Royal Grammar School. Teachers from RGS met with the Year 5 staff on INSET day after the half term holiday to plan some lessons which will take place at Manor Farm. This half term seven teachers from RGS are coming to work with Year 5....
Posted On 12 Jun 2019
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Hazard Alley

Year 6 visited Hazard Alley on Tuesday and were taught how to react in various situations, by taking part in different role play scenarios. They were shown what to look for in a dangerous situation, so they can realise when something may be wrong. They took part in situations...
Posted On 11 Jun 2019
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