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Year 6 WWI Trench Experience

Posted On 27 Apr 2014
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This is a wonderful curriculum enrichment opportunity that will help pupils to develop their creativity and writing skills, while at the same time learning about that time period in history.

Many other primary schools across the country have taken up this opportunity and produced some wonderful videos. Staff, within these schools, speak in glowing terms about the activity and how much pupils learnt, and pupils have said it was one of the best things they have ever done at school.

There will be NO charge to you for your child to take part, but could your child please bring to school an old shirt or a plain t-shirt. This will help add to the visual effects for the video, so much better than them appearing in the school uniform in the film. But they should still come to school in their uniform.

The pupils will be given the opportunity to handle replica/deactivated artefacts/weapons from WWI, which will help make the experience as realistic as we can.

This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity for our Y6 pupils to learn from and be involved in and I’m certain will be an experience they will always remember. It will be one that you will be able to see through the short video film that will be produced.