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World Book Day

Please take a look at some of the fantastic costumes which have been on display today. The children (and parents!) have all made a fantastic effort to come dressed as a book character. We have enjoyed many book day activities as well as parading in front of the whole school and having our photograph with our favourite book for a huge school display!

IMG_8858 IMG_8857 IMG_8856 IMG_8855 IMG_8854 IMG_8853 IMG_8852 IMG_8851 IMG_8849 IMG_8848 IMG_8847 IMG_8844 IMG_8843 IMG_8842 IMG_8841 IMG_8840 IMG_8839 IMG_8838 IMG_8835 IMG_8832 IMG_8831 IMG_8774IMG_8685IMG_8694IMG_8693IMG_8684IMG_8669IMG_8657IMG_8627IMG_8635IMG_8698IMG_8718IMG_8723IMG_8753IMG_8749IMG_8726IMG_8785IMG_8814IMG_8804IMG_8800IMG_8796IMG_8793IMG_8760IMG_8759IMG_8934IMG_8933IMG_8929IMG_8926IMG_8924IMG_8922IMG_8907IMG_8904IMG_8895IMG_8891IMG_8890IMG_8884IMG_8877IMG_8876IMG_8827IMG_8873IMG_8868IMG_8805IMG_8795IMG_8756IMG_8748IMG_8747IMG_8737IMG_8733IMG_8721IMG_8705IMG_8702IMG_8666IMG_8664IMG_8633

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  1. Gill Pike

    Fantastic photos – all the children look amazing!

  2. Mr Cook

    Fantastic costumes everyone – Well done!

  3. Jackie Payne

    Brilliant photos of an excellent day.