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Year 6 Girls Football – Winners!

Girls football Tournament at Burford school 2015

On Monday 2nd of March our Manor Farm Year 6 girl’s football team played in a tournament against Burford and Spinfield School.

Match 1 Burford 1-0
Our first match was a great start as we played really well as a team. I managed to get the ball from a great pass and knocked in a goal from outside the box. That goal led us to victory and gave us more confidence in winning the other games. Myriam managed to defend many of the other team’s shots with help from Bianca.

Match 2 Spinfield 0-0
Unfortunately, this game was a draw but our team still played really well. Amy, our striker for this game, had some great shots but did not manage to score.

Match 3 Burford 4-2
This game was quite an exciting match. Luckily for us we managed to win! Our first two goals were by Leah as she played really well. The 3rd goal was by Erin who also played well. Our final goal was by me, this secured our win. We would not have been able to score without our other players.

Match 4 Spinfield 1-0
Our 4th and final game was very intense as the ball kept going back and forth from each end. It was down to the 4th minute and luckily our great defender Myriam did a giant kick into the other half. Amy finished it off with an amazing goal that rolled through the keepers legs.

We managed to win after a great fight as we won with 9 points. We also got a trophy for our school!

Spinfield 2pts
Burford 4pts
Manor Farm 9pts

By Becca Waldron

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  1. Mr Cook

    Superb team performance. Everyone is very proud of the team.