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The Royal Albert Hall

WOW! What a day and what an experience!

Year 5 travelled to London, on Wednesday, to take part in the Echoes project, which was being performed at The Royal Albert Hall. The Year 5’s have had a fantastic opportunity to learn an instrument this year with The Buckinghamshire Music Service, which then resulted in them playing alongside the orchestra in the concert ‘Echoes 6’. They all had fun throughout the day with a rehearsal during the afternoon, followed by a trip to Hyde Park, where we also ate our dinner.

Then it was back to The Royal Albert Hall to prepare for the evening performance. All the children were impeccably behaved as they waited for their turn to perform and it was definitely worth the wait! A superb performance by Year 5 followed as they sang beautifully, played pitch perfect notes (well, most of the time!) and finished the concert off with an incredible finale piece.

Well done Manor Farm, you did us and yourselves proud!


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Thank you

The Year 5 team would like to thank all the parents for their support during the lead up and on the day of the Royal Albert Hall concert.  Thank you for allowing your children to practise their instrument at home and a huge thank you to the large amount of parents and families who travelled up to London in the evening for the concert. We really appreciated your support and the children loved the fact that you were there. We hope we waved at all of you!

As a Year 5 team we have spent a lot of time with your children in the last few weeks – at the concert and at Woodrow. We would like to say how proud we are of them. They are an enthusiastic and pleasant group of children. Their behaviour has been excellent and we notice how well they all get along together and how supportive they are of each other.

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  1. Marcus Edwards

    i loved the albert hall because
    1. the rehearsel was great
    2. lunch was first

    • Mrs Ketley

      I am so glad you loved it Marcus and I’m glad lunch was first too as I was hungry when we arrived! We loved taking you all and watching you all thoroughly enjoy it. It was a very special day for us all 🙂

  2. Pranav C

    It was really once in a life-time experience!! All famous musicians want to perform there!!!!!:)

    • Mrs Ketley

      It certainly was a fantastic experience and I am so glad you had a great time Pranav 🙂

      • Adam c

        It was brilliant!!

        • Mrs Ketley

          It definitely was Adam and you were all brilliant too!

  3. Joshua K

    It was really fun, the experience was incredible and the building itself was just amazing! The whole performance was brilliant 🙂

    • Mrs Ketley

      The building was fantastic – I loved looking at the ceiling as it changed colours throughout the performance 🙂

  4. Mr Sierant

    Well done everyone in Year 5. I’m very proud of all of you, for performing so well and behaving so fantastically.

  5. Mrs Boddington

    What a fantastic day !! Everyone was brilliant ! Really enjoyed it ! Well done year 5 !!

  6. Louise Hyde

    What a wonderful opportunity for all! Elsbeth loved the performance. Lots of hard work from everyone. A big ‘Thank you’ for the experience.

  7. Eryn T

    It was EPIC!!!!!!!

  8. honeyt

    It was a great day even though I couldn’t find my mum at all.But it was a brilliant day for me and for my mum .But it was a shame that my sister,my brother and my dad missed it.

  9. Marcus Edwards

    also, my mum did a flute solo there