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Y6 Non-Residential Blog!

Whilst the majority of year 6 have been away for the week, 9 pupils chose to stay behind and enjoy the fun at Manor Farm! They began the week by deciding on their team name, with the majority voting for the name ‘Ninja Nines’.

The Ninja Nines then set to work on their first activity of the week – creating some fantastic animals out of clay. They then had a game of bingo (which was very close in the end!) followed by a trip to Hazlemere Library in the afternoon – luckily we avoided the rain!

Throughout the week, the Ninja Nines have worked brilliantly together, taking part in activities such as: outside games with Premier Sport; producing a magazine; making and decorating cakes (and eating them!); visiting the Infant School; making popcorn for a cinema morning; a walk to Penn pond for a picnic and games as well as photography through ICT. Take a look at the photos below to see which countries they visited and which animals they came across on their travels!


IMG_9517IMG_9518IMG_9519 IMG_9543 IMG_9544IMG_9537IMG_9542 IMG_9538  IMG_9534IMG_9535 IMG_9531  IMG_9528 IMG_9526 IMG_9524 IMG_9523 IMG_9522 IMG_9521    IMG_9516 IMG_9515IMG_9511IMG_9514  IMG_9513IMG_9510 IMG_9512   IMG_9509 IMG_9508


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  1. Donna Pryce

    Fun had by all by the looks of it.

  2. Kelly King

    Jess came home everyday saying how much fun she had! Thank you for making the week enjoyable for them!

  3. headteacher

    It’s important that those not on the residential had an enjoyable week as well and they certainly have. I particularly enjoyed the cakes they baked, especially as I got to eat one!!

  4. Keira

    Looked so fun! Can’t wait to see you guys next week! Love you all! Xx

  5. Lauren Stephen

    I had lots of fun when I was at Penn Pond and I hope everyone else that went on the residential had as mush fun as I did!

    • Mrs Ketley

      We had great fun as well Lauren, thank you for making our week enjoyable!