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Posted On 21 Jul 2015
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One of the key functions of our Governing Body is to set the aims and objectives for the school. Have Your Say Day (June 10th) was set up to ensure that the new set of school aims and objectives (being written ready for September) were relevant and valued by all. Views of pupils, parents, staff and community members were gathered, collated and are summarised below:-

Strengths of our school:-

  • Children are happy, engaged and behaviour is good
  • The environment is welcoming and inclusive
  • Staff are positive, feel valued and very much part of a team
  • We are seen as an IMPROVING school


Priorities for future planning:-

  • Continue to work to improve communication
  • Continue to develop breadth of provision (e.g. life skills, trips and residentials)
  • Improve the use of technology at school
  • Internal improvements (reception area, front entrance and better reading facilities)
  • External Improvements (more engaging outside space and improved sports and playground facilities)


The Vision and Motto were seen as holding valuable messages but were not recognisable as MFCJS. Messages that came through as more appropriate were strong and consistent:-

  • Behaviour and attitude
  • The sense of community and school ethos
  • The breadth of provision and commitment to developing well rounded individuals


So what happens next?
Plans for next year are in production as we speak and will be implemented next term. Whilst we won’t be able to grant everyone’s wishes (thanks to the bright spark who asked for time travel on the curriculum, you may be disappointed!) we do promise to keep the school improving. Examples of how the school is already bringing about change in response to your views are below:-

  • The school will be trialling a system of email home/school communication
  • Parents will be able to use Parent Pay for school trips in September
  • Text messages will be used more to keep parents better informed


The Governors and Mr Sierant have also worked together to produce a New School Vision and Motto to help us move forward. It has been written to reflect the messages you gave us; it aims to describe how our pupils develop, how our staff work and what our parents value. We hope that some of you/your children will recognise the wording from post it notes and online questionnaires and that you’ll see this message appear throughout the school over the next term.



Our school values achievement;
knowledge gives us confidence and the ability to think with independence.

Our school allows us to excel in all areas;
experiences broaden our horizons and give us the opportunity
to be the best we can be.

We nurture a true sense of community;
we know how to behave and relate to others with kindness and respect,
we are proud of our school AND understand we are part of the wider world.

We “love school, love learning” and are ready for the future


“Love school, love learning”
(Written by a Year 6 Pupil)


The governors would like to express their thanks to you all for taking part in this event and to Mr Sierant and all school staff for working so hard this year. Your views are very important to us so do please comment below on how you feel about the Have Your Say Day process and results.

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