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Sports Day

Today, Thursday 16th July, we had our annual Sports Day. The weather was kind to us and with the support of a large number of parents, the whole event was a huge success.

There were a variety of events, including egg and spoon, sack race, obstacle course, skipping, running and throwing. Every pupil participated and earned valuable points for their house. Further competitive relay races brought the whole event to an exciting climax.

The event was organised by Mr Mills and Mr Brown from Premier Sports. Our thanks go to them, and to all the parents and grandparents who supported the children. In true Manor Farm style, children encouraged and supported each other.

For the record, the result was:

4th Falcons 2281
3rd Eagles 2362
2nd Kestrels 2373
1st Hawks 2539

Congratulations to Hawks!



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  1. Liz

    Great photos, a great day!! Plus what a lovely idea to include the Mums,Dads,Grandparents for a picnic afterwards. Thank You

  2. Jackie Payne

    Fabulous photos of a fantastic sports morning. Such fun.

  3. Joshua K

    It was a really fun day – I really enjoyed the sprinting races 🙂

  4. Tim Mills

    Great day, really enjoyed seeing all children trying their best and having fun. Massive thank you to the “Oldies” aka Year 7’s who were a big help. Sad to see the year 6’s leave, without doubt the sportiest year group I have taught in 14 years!

  5. Lisa Swain

    great day. liked the new format, good bit of healthy competition. Loved being invited to have a picnic with the kids afterwards. Nice to see the year 7 boys from Ramsey and RGS on hand helping out.

  6. Mr Cook

    Great morning and lovely to see many examples of NED: Never giving up, Encouraging others and Doing your best.Thank you to Mr Mills for organising it and thanks to the Year 7s who helped out.

  7. Mani Cronin

    It was so fun. I’m quite disappointed Eagles came 3rd but I congratulate Hawkes greatly! They win loads!
    By the way I’m an Eagle and I’m in 4B.

  8. calum oneill

    i am 🙂 that hawks won but lets make falcons win next time I ALSO ENJOYED competing in the races all day i enjoyed all of it

  9. Trudie Hogg

    What a fabulous sports day, really liked the change to the day and loved the picnic at the end. Well done to all the children and staff everyone looked like they had a great time.

  10. Tina Boddington

    What a fantastic day !! Brilliant photos really captures the whole atmosphere !! Children loved it, adults loved it – what a winner !! 🙂