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House Captains

Last week, each ‘house’ voted for their choice of house captain. The pupils went into separate areas, depending on which house they are in, and listened carefully to the Year 6’s as they delivered their speeches and tried to persuade each voter why they would make a good house captain. It was all very exciting, especially to the new Year 3’s, who haven’t experienced it before. After the speeches had all been made, the votes were carefully counted up and the winners were announced in assembly that afternoon.  A huge well done to all the Year 6’s who stood up and gave a presentation to their house!

Our new house captains are:




Hawks: Gracie and Mason



Falcons: Josh and Ben



Eagles: Ryan and Molly



Kestrels: Elsbeth and Joshua

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  1. Molly Lewis

    I love the picture of us on the website. It makes me proud that I am one of this year’s Eagles house captains and I know this year we are going to try our hardest and beat the Falcons. WE CAN DO IT! All I need to say is GO EAGLES!!!

  2. Marcus Edwards

    although i’m not on there, i just wanna say… GO KESTRELS

  3. Umaimah Khurram

    I agree with marcus . even though im not a house captain i want to say put your house points down and GO KESTRELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mr Sierant

    Well done for being voted in as house captains. It is a privilege and honour to be one.

  5. Luke Prosser

    Oh come on falcons wheres are say LETS GO FALCONS LETS GO LETS GO FALCONS LETS GO!!! COME ON FALCONS!!! 🙂

  6. Luke Prosser

    Oh i so wish i was a House Captain oh well im gonna try my hardest to be one next year 🙂