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Weather forecasts for 2050!

In our Geography topic of ‘Planet Protectors’ we have been looking at climate change and how global warming is affecting different people and countries across the world. For the past two weeks Year 6 were set a challenge to predict the weather for 2050, based on what they already knew and become meteorologists . To prepare for this, we learnt about the difference between weather and climate, where weather forecasts originated from and we watched current day weather forecasts to discover what makes a weather forecast successful and to pick up on technical vocabulary! The children had super banks of words and phrases by the end of it, such as: overcast, torrential, sunny spells, visibility, humidity, dense fog and downpours.

Some groups presented a weather forecast on a powerpoint, some focused on the UK and others worked on the weather for several different countries around the world. We even watched a weather forecast prediction for the USA and were shocked to see how different the weather would be and the technology they use in presenting in. The video is for those of you that want to see it!

We definitely think that some of these children could put some weather forecasters out of their jobs!





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  1. Umaimah Khurram

    I found this fun ! on top of that i got a cerificate for it ! I absolutley loved it !

  2. Joshua K

    I really loved this topic and I really enjoyed being filmed as a weather reporter. It was great fun to be part of and we learnt loads about pollution and what might happen in 35 years!

  3. Luke Prosser

    i bet you did! ahhhh iwish i was a year 6 i love being filmed 😉

  4. Mr Sierant

    Having observed some of the learning for this topic it is great to see that Year 6 produced such a good standard of work. So many concepts were considered in this work, enabling a whole range of skills and knowledge to be developed. No wonder pupils really enjoyed this.