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Y5 to Wendover Woods





This week Year 5 have really got into their project on the Chilterns. On Tuesday Gavin Johnson from The Chiltern Society came to talk to both classes about the landscapes and habitats of the Chilterns. He explained how the hills were formed from flint, chalk and clay and described some beautiful animals which live in the woodland, grassland and chalk stream habitats. We found out about the bee orchid, the dragonfly, the water vole and of course, the red kite, among others. We also learnt how special the Chiltern habitats are – there are 200 chalk streams in the world and 85% of them are in the Chilterns.

On Thursday Year 5 were lucky to have such a beautiful day to visit two local Chiltern landscapes. After squeezing through some country lanes we reached Coombe Hill and walked to the edge of the escarpment to see the amazing views over the Vale of Aylesbury. We sat under the monument to the Boer War and admired the view. We attempted some sketching in the wind. Looking down on Wendover we could see the proposed route of High Speed 2.

We then travelled on to Wendover Woods where after lunch Gavin helped us complete a nature trail; finding fruits, prints, seeds and leaves and signs of animal life. We went on a circular walk around the site of an Iron Age hill fort.

All in all a great day to get out and about and appreciate the beauty of our local area.

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  1. Mr Cook

    A great trip was had by all, although we were a little windswept up Coombe Hill!

  2. Kirsty Harris-Pinson

    They all looked like they had a lovely day

  3. Steph Dennis

    Great photos!
    Looks like everyone had a great time. Jack certainly did!

  4. Mrs Ketley

    We all had a fantastic day – the weather was very kind to us and the children behaved brilliantly and we certainly learnt lots about The Chilterns and HS2!

  5. Umaimah Khurram


  6. Alicja cembrzynska

    It was great we had a wonderful time !

    • Luke

      hope everyone had fun i did 🙂

      • Bethany

        I had a wonderful time thanks!

  7. Luke

    yeah all was great i love the photos best was the views tho 🙂

  8. Bethany

    I had a lovely time and I hope everyone had a great time I like the picture of me and Ruby
    Well done Mrs Ketley for putting all the photos up and thanks teachers for a wonderful day!!!

  9. Mr Sierant

    I’m jealous. I wish I could have gone. Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather.

  10. Tina Boddingtn

    It looks like everyone had a fantastic day !! Was very jealous I would have loved to have come !! Thank you so much for all the fabulous pictures Mrs Ketley, we can almost imagine we were there !! x