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Arts Week 2015 – The Best of Britain

I cannot believe that a whole year has flown by and Arts week is upon us again!

Our theme this year is ‘The Best of Britain’ and we cannot wait to start the activities next week. We will be looking at lots of different aspects in our country such as: transport, music, food, famous people, British inventors and inventions, British artists, The Royal Family and various cities and important places around the country. We will be showing off everything that makes Britain great and all that we are proud of.


Every day I will be uploading photos and writing a blog so that you can see what each year group has been up to. Make sure you check the website for these updates, and then please come and see our exhibition (25th and 26th November) to see our fantastic artwork and pictures of activities in person.

We are incredibly lucky to have a range of activities next week: Dance, singing and drama run by Sir William Ramsay, Drama run by the Pauline Quirke Academy, photography run by Mrs Ketley and some children in Year 3 and Year 6 will be involved in animation all day on Monday.

As part of this Arts Week, there is a competition running throughout the week. Although this competition is optional, I would love as many children as possible to enter. You may or may not have received the competition slip home today so I have copied and pasted the competition below for you to see:

The time has come again for you to enter the annual Arts Week Competition and show off your artistic talents! You will know that Britain has the Union Jack flag and this is an iconic symbol of our country. However, I would like you to recreate and redesign the British flag! I would like you to design it based on what you think about when you think of Britain and what Britain means to you! You may decide that the Queen needs to be in the middle, or that the flag should represent a London red bus! Try not to make your flag too complicated; you want it to stand out! You can create your flag in any way you wish; you can draw a picture, use tissue paper to make a collage, paint it, design it on the computer or even make it 3D! Please make sure your entry is no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.

Your design entry must be with me by Friday 13th November (in the morning) to be in with a chance of winning! I will be choosing one person from each year group and the winners will be announced in Friday’s celebration assembly. I will be sending children from my class to your classroom every morning to collect any entries. Please make sure that your full name and class is clearly on the back of your entry!

I am personally very excited to kick off Arts Week on Monday and cannot wait to see the entries for the competition and how the week unfolds!

Miss Bartropp


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