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Romans come to school!



On Tuesday 8th December Year 4 had the chance to experience the wonder of Ancient Rome with a visit from ‘History Off the Page’. Our school hall was transformed to become a villa and street market near a Roman occupied town in the year 60 AD. We re-created life in first century Roman Britain with authentic artefacts, activities and, even the smell of incense.

After a brief introduction, the children became Roman citizens during the Boudican revolt. As apprentices they tested and made clay oil lamps, made charm bags, mosaic floor tiles and wax tablets. They became Beauticians, jewellers and Herbalists, whilst sharing all the latest gossip as Romano-Britons.

The children enjoyed trading their wares at the market and some even managed to barter with Julius (Mr Brown!) and his fellow traders.

After lunch, we celebrated the Roman victory over the Boudican rebels with a banquet. Traditional Roman food was prepared and served by slaves, assisted by parents, whilst others entertained us with a dance and a play about the boy who cried wolf. We were then treated to a display of marching from our own Roman army.

We were very impressed with the children’s costumes which undoubtedly, helped make the day more special.

Thank you too, to all the parents who came in to help run each activity and prepare the banquet.


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  1. Lisa

    Looks like they had a good day! It’s nice that the school gives them a “fun” day now and again!

  2. Elizabeth Judge

    It’s lovely to gain some insight into what they did on Ronan day, and you have some fab pictures. I’m sure they all learnt lots about Roman life.

  3. headteacher

    It was a great day for Year 4. Fantastic to see everyone in Roman costumes. Many thanks to the parents who came in and helped during the day.