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Energize 2016 – We did it!


WOW! What a weekend we have had!

I have just returned home from the Wycombe Swan and I could not be more proud of Year 2 and Year 6!

Since December, Year 6 have worked incredibly hard to learn the songs and the dance routine that I choreographed and it has really paid off. They performed like true professionals and I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to take part in Energize this year, and take 30 dedicated and enthusiastic children with me. They have been absolutely phenomenal, utterly faultless and they totally blew the audience away during both performances. Mr Sierant was in the audience Friday night and has said he thought the children were wonderful and he feels very proud of them.

Thank you to Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Law, who we have worked incredibly hard with when we have had joint year 2 and year 6 rehearsals.

Thank you to Mrs Jones who has been with us throughout singing rehearsals, several lunchtimes a week.

Thank you to parents who have supported us throughout this journey, who have got costumes organised, have listened to their children singing the songs or dancing around their living room, have taxied their children to and from the theatre and those who have come to cheer us on. We think we definitely had the biggest and the loudest cheer and round of applause.

Thank you to Larch class! We have loved spending time with you during rehearsals, dancing and singing with you and we think you were absolutely brilliant!

Lastly, thank you to each and every Year 6 who took part. You have made me extremely proud; you’ve all grown in confidence and have been true performers from the start. Well done, you’re all superstars.

Here is to the end of Energize for 2016, and a very well-deserved rest tonight and tomorrow!

Miss Bartropp

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  1. Madhura

    Brilliant performance!! Kudos to miss Bartropp and all the kids!! We had lovely time watching the performance.

  2. Trevor Mansfield

    Yes, thank you for making it possible for them to have such an amazing experience.