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Sports Relief Comes to Manor Farm

Sport Relief Comes to Manor Farm

On a rather chilly Friday morning Manor Farm’s playground was transformed into our very own Sport Relief mile. There was a slalom course through hoops, ladders, a jungle gym assault course, a rather tricky limbo, and of course, the ‘Payne zone’ where you had to go and do a forfeit for missing out an obstacle or hitting a cone!

It was lovely to see so many children dressed in red and participating with such enthusiasm as they completed their laps of the playground.

Well done to everyone. So far we have raised around £155 for Sport Relief.   Thanks to Mrs Payne for running an enthusiastic warm up and running the Payne Zone boot camp and Mr Mills and The Sports Champions for helping organise.


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  1. Lisa

    I think it was a brilliant idea, looks really fun, even if you don’t like sport!! Plus, you’ve worn them out for us! Early to bed tonight??!!! Lol

  2. Abiha Khurram

    That was very tiring and I did more than six laps around the playground but the bit that I liked the most was in the hall because it was warm and fun in there

  3. Lily rose spratt

    I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures I saw 2 pics of me lol

  4. Lottie Worley

    I really liked it and I did around 12 laps☺️
    But I did get out of breath
    And it was fun to see the teachers doing the mile

  5. Lilia Ruffles

    I really enjoyed the course. It was such fun !

  6. Jackie Payne

    Great photos Mrs. K and a lovely hour of fun fitness raising money for Sports Relief. So good to see all the children thoroughly enjoying it.

  7. Jenny

    Looks like a great time was had by all (despite the cold). I know my two certainly enjoyed the event.