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Y6 Non-Residential Blog

On Monday we met Miss Weston in the playground and she told us to get into groups of two so me and Kyle got in a group and Eryn and Ellie-May got in a group. Then Miss Weston asked us to try and solve a maths treasure hunt – the first group to finish got a chocolate bar sadly the girls won but they still gave us some chocolate. After that we went into the computer room and did projects on Britain and the fish and chips.

After lunch we found some bean bags and cooked some popcorn we relaxed and ate popcorn whilst watching Madagascar.

By Seb Cokayne



On Tuesday we went to youth club. There was a bouncy castle, a trampoline and football pitch. Me and Ahmed played football and Ellie, Eryn and Seb played on the trampoline. We also played ping pong it was so much fun. Thank you Andy for letting us come and fun at Youth Club!

By Kyle Jillians



Our Day In Youth Club!

On Tuesday, me Seb , Kyle, Ellie and Eryn went to youth club where we had a fantastic time with Mrs Weston and Mrs Ketley. At 11:00 a.m we went out to youth club it was a bright sunny day so we walked down. When we arrived we played a game of ping pong –  we had different rules, we had to hit the ball then run around the table and pass the racket to the person who’s before you . After that we played on the football table were I drew 2-2 with Kyle . A few minutes later Andy put out the trampoline and we bounced so high that when we landed we would nearly fall of the side or edge of it. Luckily we didn’t! When we finished with the trampoline me and Seb wanted to play on the PS4 but the TV was broken so we couldn’t play on it. Finally, Andy put out the bouncy castle and we started to wrestle each other – it was so crazy then we had to go back to school at 12:30 P.M .


P.S Thanks for everything Andy.

By Ahmed Galees



On Thursday we made some yummy, scrummy cakes. We made a millionaire short cake, we also made vanilla cupcakes and the last thing we made was fruit scones.

When  we were making the cupcakes the boy got very messy [Ahmed, Kyle, Seb] We all had a job -Kyle’s job was the washing up, Seb’s job was in charge of the timer, Ahmed’s job was putting the washing up away , Ellie’s  job was drying and a bit of the timer, Eryn’s jobs was wiping the boys messy table!

By Ellie-May Appleby



On Thursday afternoon we went to Hughenden Park for a picnic, we had made the food we took with us, after eating we played on the park for a while .We travelled in Mrs Smith’s car. Eryn, Seb, Kyle, Ahmed and Ellie became the fabulous five this week! We had a great time playing around on the equipment at the park. We stopped to eat every so often. We all span around on the spinning circle (which we named the ladybird after falling off of it so many times!) we all enjoyed our time at the park! Thank you Miss Weston and  Mrs Smith!

By Eryn Thorne


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  1. Nicky Chivers

    Ahh so pleased to see the ‘fabulous five’ as Eryn has nicknamed them, had a great week as well 🙂

  2. Klaire Huddleston

    Ah sounds like they had a great week & no boring school work yayyyyyy!!!!!