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Explore Learning Competition

A huge congratulations to Joshua Ketley in Year 6 who was our school winner in a writing competition run by Explore Learning!  This year’s theme of ‘The Mash-up’ asked all pupils to write no more than 500 words and tell stories that ‘mash-up’ two genres. This could see a spaceman transported to Roman times, an alien in the lost city of Atlantis or a Victorian gentleman in the outback! Joshua chose to combine History and Romance involving two characters in World War Two being separated and being forced to work for the German Army. The story unfolds in a gruesome end; gripping the Explore Learning judges throughout. At Manor Farm we always encourage all pupils to write for a purpose and for an audience and this competition did just that for the children!


Mrs Hillier

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  1. Klaire

    Well Done Joshua

  2. Alicja

    Some of my friends read theirs to me and I thought I was reading a book !

  3. Hannah Eccles

    I wonder who got the Disneyland trip!? Well done Joshua!

  4. Lily rose spratt

    Gosh well done Joshua