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Y4 Trip to High Wycombe

High Wycombe Museum Trip

On Monday 13th June Year 4 braved the weather and enjoyed a stimulating trip to High Wycombe, and the newly refurbished Museum. We had great fun becoming Chair makers for the day and learning about the history of the chair industry in Wycombe. We took part in a drama activity re-enacting the life of a real family who lived and worked in Wycombe. Some of the boys even took girl`s parts in the play.  In the museum we were shown how Wycombe chairs were made and found out about all the different types of chairs. On our town trail Year 4 learnt about the history of famous buildings such as the Cornmarket, and compared old and new buildings around the town. As an added bonus to the day, Boris Johnson was on his campaign trail for Brexit and 4B were lucky enough to see him speak outside the Cornmarket. It was a fantastic learning experience and we all enjoyed it.


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  1. Angelica

    Looked like fun! :p

  2. Alicja

    Wow … It sure looked fun!