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Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

WOW! What an fantastic performance by all the year 6 children and what an incredible performance to show what you are all made of. You acted, sung and danced superbly and you should all be very proud of yourselves. An amazing achievement by such a talented group of children!


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  1. Lynne Plumridge

    Absolutely amazing!! I’m so impressed with all the talent. Well done everyone

  2. Suzanne Chown

    What an amazing performance! So many talented children. I hope you had as much fun as we did watching it! Well done Year 6!

  3. Angela Ramachandran

    Absolutely brilliant production – Well done Year 6 and everyone who helped!!

  4. Miss B

    So proud of you all!

  5. Nicky & Gavin

    Fantastic end of year show, we certainly have some wonderful characters in year 6 . We were thoroughly entertained all the way through and we hope the kids enjoyed taking part as much as we enjoyed watching And a BIG Thank you to everyone that helped to bring it all together Well Done Year6 xx

  6. Mrs Wilson

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first production, and am so proud to have helped such a fantastic, hard working and dedicated year group. The transformation over the weeks was incredible. Well done you are all amazing.

  7. Bonnie Crate

    WOW!! What a brilliant show I absolutely loved it! Thank you to all the teachers and staff who helped these fantastic children to put on a show that will always be remembered! Well done Year 6 xx

  8. Sue Mott

    Fantastic wonderful production,had a brilliant evening ,so many talented children well done to everyone involved.

  9. headteacher

    A wonderful and amazing performance from wonderful and amazing children. PROUD.

  10. Madhura

    Absolutely brilliant show! All the kids did a fantastic job. Kudos to all the teachers and the staff.

  11. Helena and David

    Amazing! So much talent on one stage, you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. It was a fantastic show, still chuckling at the jokes. Thank you to all of the year 6 team

  12. Jenny Longmore

    Well done to all of year 6, staff & helpers. You put on a brilliant show, acted & sung your socks off with confidence and should be proud. You done a fantastic job!

  13. Angelica

    I really enjoyed watching the dress rehearsal.Year 6 probably did way better performing in front of the parents.