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New School Report Format

You will have noticed our new report format, introduced for the reports you received last week. I hope you like this new format, but it would be great if you could let me know what you think, by adding your views, good or bad, by clicking on the comment box above. Your feedback tells me if a re-think is needed, or the changes meet your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. Mr Sierant.

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  1. martine

    I liked the format, it gave me information about how my child was doing but also some more personal feedback from the teachers, showing and understanding of my son. I like to know how my son is doing in comparison to the national average, but more importantly how much effort he is putting in to his studies. All in all, well laid out and good consideration of the information a parent would like to know.

  2. Lisa

    Hi! This is our first report so can’t comment on whether it’s better than previous…!
    But I liked the layout of the report, easy to understand & to the point!

  3. Lisa

    Yes, definitely like to know the teachers view on them too!
    I agree with everything Martine said!

  4. Mr Sierant

    Thank you for your comments. I am delighted you are so positive about the new format. The teachers like them too, not least because they take up less of their precious and stretched time to complete. When I sat down to revise the format I tried to do it from a parents perspective and what they would like to see. I have also had a discussion with a parent about the format and they have made a suggestion which will be considered.

  5. Amaria Khan

    I like the new format it was easy to go throw and it was easy to understand and I like the teacher view