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Sports Personality of the Year

Today, children in Year 6 were nominated to win the Sports Personality of the Year award. This is an award which recognises, teamwork, resilience and sportsmanship, not only over the past year but for the four years they have been with us at Manor Farm.

Kian Ramachandran, Kian Austin and Elsbeth Hyde were nominated for their commitment and dedication to all things sporty. We feel they are fantastic leaders and encourage their team members. Well done you three; you are all superstars and should feel very proud of yourselves.

The WINNER of the Sports Personality of the Year award was Adam Chown.


Not only does he excel in every sport, he is a wonderful role model for others; he treats others with respect and continually encourages them no matter what. For this boy, it is never ever about winning. He would rather have a fantastic time, cheering on his teammates than win a trophy or a medal. He gives them confidence and assures them they have done the best they can, always congratulating them on their achievements. Having asked several children who they would give this award to, it was completely unanimous that Adam should be the winner and this only assured us even more that we had chosen the right person. Congratulations Adam – you’re fantastic and we are very proud of you.

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  1. Terry Brodie

    Miss Bartropp.
    Good morning, names Terry [Adams Uncle],from Plymouth, Devon.
    I would like to thank you, your staff, pupils, and parents
    [ Mark and Suzanne ] for helping Adam achieve this award and
    wish all at Manor Farm every success for the future
    Thanking you all once again
    Kindest Regards Terry

    • Miss Bartropp

      Thank you very much! He really deserves it.

  2. Cynthia Chown

    Hello Miss Bartropp. Thank you so much for all the kind words about Adam’s achievement for his award. I am so proud of him.
    Thank you Ada’s Grandma Cynthia Chown