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Homework 15.9.16

Homework due in Tuesday 20th September


Year 3 


This week we have been focusing place value and ordering and comparing numbers.

Miss Weston’s Group – You need to order the numbers that have been given to you. You must order the numbers from smallest to largest on the ladder. Your sheet must be stuck carefully into your book.

Miss Bartropp’s Group – Your homework is on comparing numbers. Please see your sheet for more information.



Title – Can I identify verbs and adjectives?

In English we have been focusing on verbs and adjectives, so we would like you to show us what you have learnt. Find your group below to check what you need to do.

Cherries and Grapes – You need to find write 10 verbs and adjectives in the table and then create 3 sentences using these words.

Oranges and Pears – Your task is to improve the given verbs and adjectives. You may use a thesaurus or the Internet to help you to improve these words. You then need to create 3 sentences using the words that you have created.

Strawberries and Watermelons – You need to read the passage and circle and verbs in red and the adjectives in green. You then need to choose three adjectives and verbs to improve.


You sheet must be stuck carefully in your English book. You must do any writing in PENCIL as none of you have yet earned your pen license. Once you have received this pen license, you will be given a special handwriting pen to complete your homework with. Please put the date and title in your books and underline with a ruler and pencil. We expect beautiful presentation, just like you have been showing us in class. You will be asked to redo your homework if we think you have not tried your best or if your presentation is scruffy.


Remember we also expect you to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday to look at your reading record for the previous week and will be awarding house points for the amount of reading you have completed.


If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us.

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4


This week we have been looking at rounding and adding and subtracting mentally. Complete the homework set on Mathletics this week. If your child does not have access to the internet please let us know.


To celebrate Roald Dahl`s 100th birthday we have given out an entry form for a competition to invent a new chocolate bar. Please bring the competition form back to school and we will send them off as a year group.


Year 5


We have been working hard on our persuasive writing this week. For homework we want you to practise the persuasive writing techniques which you have learnt.


We want you to think about the Manor Farm School uniform and how you would like to change it. You need to write a piece of writing describing what you think of the current uniform and how it could be improved. What do you like about it now? What could be made better? Is our uniform suitable for life in school? You can think about the colour and design of the uniform, the materials the clothes are made from and the items allowed for boys and girls. You could use ideas from other uniforms you have seen in other schools.


Remember you are writing a persuasive piece. Imagine you are trying to persuade Mr Sierant or the Governors to change the uniform. Be polite but give your opinions and reasons. Present your writing neatly in your homework book. Please write the date and LC: Can I write a persuasive piece? Hand in by Tuesday.


Maths Set Miss Wolfe/Mrs Baker

We have been working on rounding numbers this week.  Each group has some work on this. Present work neatly in your Maths homework book.

Please write your date and LC: Can I round numbers up to thousands? (Elves and Wizards)/to a million? (Sorcerers)


Mrs Bailey’s Maths set

We have been looking at number sequences.  Work out the rule for the number sequences you have been given e.g. The rule is ‘add 2’ or ‘subtract 4’ and write the next numbers in the sequence.  Your sheet should be stuck in your book.  Please write the answers in your book not on your sheet – there’s not enough space!

Please write your date and LC: Can I extend number sequences?


REMEMBER if you want to stand in the class election for School Councillor you must have your speech ready for MONDAY.


Year 6


This week we have looked at rounding a variety of numbers. You need to complete the sheet given in your lesson, make sure you complete your work neatly in your maths book. Don’t forget to date and title your work.

LC- Can I round numbers accurately?


This week we would like you to speak to an adult at home to get some details about yourself. Next week you are going to be writing an autobiography so will need to know loads of things! You might like to ask where and when you were born (as in the EXACT time), which hospital you were born in (if you were even born in a hospital?) how much you weighed, where your first house was (if it is different to now), and any other specific details you know so that you can come prepared next week for your lesson. You should remember to present your work beautifully and ensure you do a date and title.

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