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Homework 22.9.16

Posted On 22 Sep 2016
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Homework due in Tuesday 27th September


Year 3


Title – Can I add?

This week we have been focusing on addition.

Miss Weston’s Group – You have been given an A5 sheet for your homework. Read the instructions carefully and write your work into your Maths homework book.

Miss Bartropp’s Group – You must use what you have learnt this week to add your 2 or 3 digit numbers together. Please see your sheet for more instructions.


Times Tables

Please make sure you are also learning your times tables. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday and so you should be learning your times tables to improve your score and achieve your level. There are 20 levels in total. The list of times tables required for each level is listed in your Home School Book



Title – Can I use past and present tense?

In English we have been focusing on learning about the difference between past and present tense in preparation for writing a diary entry based on our text Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Each group has been given a different A5 sheet about past and present verbs which you must complete. You can complete this homework on the sheet. Please make sure you have got the correct sheet for your group.


You sheet must be stuck carefully in your English book. You must do any writing in PENCIL. Please put the date and title in your books and underline with a ruler and pencil. We expect beautiful presentation, just like you have been showing us in class. You will be asked to redo your homework if we think you have not tried your best or if your presentation is scruffy.



Remember we also expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday to check this and award house points.


If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us.

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4


This week we have been looking at adding in columns. Choose either bronze, silver or gold depending how confident you feel.


We have been studying adjectives and adjectival phrases. An adjectival phrase adds more detail to an adjective. It can go before or after the noun. We have given the children a picture. They need to describe the picture using adjectives or adjectival phrases, if they feel they understand them. The challenge is to write a paragraph describing the picture using their senses and adjectival phrases.


Year 5

English 5A and 5B

This week we have read an article called “Are today’s kids turning into couch potatoes?” We have discussed what a “couch potato” is and have carried out class surveys to see if we might be couch potatoes. We investigated how many TVs we own, which other screens we have at home, how much exercise and sport we do and if we have other hobbies and interests rather than watching TV all the time.

For your homework we want you to work with your family to create “A TV and Screen Watching Contract.” We want you to come up with some acceptable rules for your household which will monitor the use of TVs and other screens to ensure you (and your family) do not become couch potatoes!

Present your rules on a page in your English homework book. Create a title for your contract. You could present the rules in a list or use bullet points. Maybe get your family members to sign it at the bottom. Remember to explain your rules clearly.



Mrs Baker/Miss Wolfe set

Sorcerers  group – You are rounding decimals. You need a calculator. You have some sums to answer using the calculator. You will get a long decimal answer which you need to round in 3 different ways. Present these answers in a neat and organised chart or table in your homework book. Please use the title Can I round decimals? and also write the date.


Wizards/Goblins – You have sections on rounding decimals to complete. Please use the title Can I round decimals? and also write the date. Present answers neatly in your homework book.


Mrs Bailey’s set

You are rounding decimals. You have stuck your sheet in your homework books.  Please use the title Can I round decimals? and also write the date. You have all stuck the sheet into your book.


Year 6


This week you need to complete the maths sheet that was given to you. PLEASE do not do it on the sheet, but answer in your maths homework books.

Also, make you do your mental maths corrections in your maths homework book. Please separate the two different pieces with different titles. E.g. multiplication and Mental Maths Corrections.



Next week we are going to be writing character descriptions in class. We would like you to think of a favourite book character and create a bank of words to describe them. Please make sure you spend at least 30 minutes on this, use a thesaurus if you need to so you get some great adjectives Think about their personality, appearance, what they wear and how they are with other characters in the story. If a great sentence comes to mind then write it down too!

Keep practising your spellings ready for Monday’s test and make sure you have done all of your sentences

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