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Homework 8.9.16

Posted On 09 Sep 2016
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Due in on Tuesday 13th September


Year 3

This week we have been focusing on settling in and learning how things are done in Junior school.

Every week you will be given Maths and English homework. We expect you to spend at least 20 minutes completing each piece of homework. You will be given it on a Thursday each week and we expect it to be handed in the following Tuesday. If you forget your homework on a Tuesday, you are given a reminder and expected to bring it in on the Wednesday. If you still forget, you will be spending your lunchtime doing it.


On top of Maths and English homework, we also expect you to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Book. We have been very impressed with how many of you have done this already. We will collect home school books in every Monday to look at your reading record for the previous week and will be awarding house points for the amount of reading you have completed.


If you ever have any problems completing your homework, please let us know.  Remember, we expect all of you to put as much effort into your homework as you do in your school work and we look forward to seeing what you’ve done.


This week your homework is …


You have been given your username and password for Mathletics which we will be using in school and for occasional homework this year. It is important that you learn how to access and how to use this system, so for your first Maths homework of this year, we would like to you to spend 20 minutes using different parts of Mathletics. There are quizzes that you could try and a live Mathletics section, where you can compete against other users.


On Tuesday it is Roald Dahl day. For homework we would like you to use the internet or a book to find a picture of your favourite character from any Roald Dahl book. In your best writing, around your picture, we would like you to describe your favourite character. We expect at least 3 sentences from each of you. You must be ready to talk about your character with a partner on Tuesday.



Year 4


This week we have been looking at place value. Complete the sheet into your homework book remembering how to set out. Work in pencil and underline with a ruler. Put a digit  in each square. Choose either  bronze, silver or gold depending on how confident you feel.


Complete the book review sheet and stick it into your homework book.


Year 5


This week we have looked at Our Achievements. We have thought about all the things we are good at – we have shared these with designs for trophies, medals and certificates. We also looked at some of the Olympians from the GB team and discussed their success.


For homework we would like you to find out about one of the GB Olympians who inspires you. It could be Max Whitlock, Laura Trott, Nicola Adams, Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah or another of your choice. We would like you to make a profile of information about this Olympian. You can use all or some of the headings below. You must include the bold headings. Write each heading and then write some sentences you have found out underneath. Please make sure these sentences are written in your own words.




Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Name of sport:

Information about their early years and schooling:

Sporting history:

Early achievements and success:

Performances and success at major competitions and events:

Why they inspire you:


Please complete this homework really neatly on an A4 piece of paper. You can include pictures and photos. We will display these in the classroom.



Miss Wolfe/Mrs Baker

Sorcerers, Wizards and Elves – You have made a great start to Maths. We are already impressed by what you know! For homework you have your own a short section to complete on reading and writing numbers. Make sure you spell correctly when you are writing in words. Present your work neatly in your new homework book.


Mrs Bailey

Please complete the place value sheet in your homework book.



Year 6 

This week your homework is …


Please bring in a furniture catalogue from home ready for a lesson next week. If you don’t have one don’t worry, but if you have more than one then please could you bring one to share! We are going to be cutting things out of it so please don’t bring a special one J

This week we did place value, please complete the sheet on place value that has been given to you. You need to answer the questions in your maths homework book and your title is – Can I show the value of a number?


Next week you are going to be writing a biography about your teacher. Therefore, in preparation, you need to devise a set of 10 questions that you would like to ask so you can include them in your biography. For example; how many siblings (if any) do you have? What did you do before you became a teacher? Etc. You should write the questions in your English Homework Book and write in blue ink. Your presentation should be the same at home as it is in school, therefore the long date and title should be written.

Title – Can I devise a set of questions to help me write a biography?


School Council elections are soon. You need to write a speech to perform in front of the class if you would like this role. Voting will then take place in the hall that week.

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