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Monday, 5th September sees the start of a new school year. I want to say welcome to all our children. We are looking forward to working with you all and helping you with your learning.

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  1. Marcus Edwards

    I went to this school, and I loved it! I’m sure you will too

  2. Mike

    I would just like to say how impressed we were this summer when we took our children on holiday to Spain. My son who has just left year 6 spoke beautiful spanish – something he has been taught during his time at Manor Farm and something that we had no idea he was so good at!

    On our first evening we went out for dinner and while we were trying our best to order in Spanish, our son suddenly took over and ordered everything, leaving the waiters amazed. They were so impressed, they all came over to talk to him and spoilt us for the rest of the night. Thank you so much to SeƱora Smith for giving him a such fantastic understanding of the spanish language.

  3. Lily rose

    I’m just started year and I had a good time so far I loved year3 and I’m sure the new year3s will too with our nice new teachers