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School Council Elections

This week, our school hall was transformed into our very own polling station and every single pupil has voted for their choice of school councillor.

At the beginning of the week, every child was given the opportunity to run for school council and those who wanted to gave a speech to their own class, giving reasons why they would be a good school councillor. We have had some great speeches, superb PowerPoint presentations and some fantastic ideas on how they could improve the school.

On Wednesday, each class then had their time slot to turn up and vote. We had each teacher registering the children as they were given their ballot slip and the children then went into the booth to vote for their choice, before placing their slip in the ballot box. Once everyone had voted, the box was sealed and taken off to be counted.

Here are the awaited results…

Year 3 – Ella Allen, Imogen Tunnell, and Harley Wallen

Year 4 – Ellis Brown, Lilia Ruffles, Leo Hellewell

Year 5 – Freddie Vaughan, Harvey Thomas and Kelsey O Driscoll

Year 6 – Charlie Simons and Lila Grace Sutton


Well done to all our new school councillors!

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  1. Abiha Khurram

    that was really fun! well done to you all though!