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Y5 Trip to Common Wood

On Friday morning Year 5 got out and about on a site visit for a local issue they have been studying. We walked to Common Wood to see the proposed sight of a new housing development on the edge of the Penn Road. This week in English we have been loooking at the High Wycombe local housing plan which contains proposals to build homes around Hazlemere. We have looked at different opinions and read articles from The Bucks Free Press. We also explored the woods on a nature trail – in Geography we have learnt all about the Chilterns and its habitats and wildlife, together with the protected land of the “green belt” and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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  1. Abiha Khurram

    that was really fun today!lets do it again!

    • calum o

      yeah it was fun lets do it more often we gotta have fresh air

  2. Tamiya Phillips

    It was a really fun day out when we went there I really enjoyed going to look at the nature all around us and get up from are chairs, I cant wait till we go to Coombe Hill.

  3. Catherine Stevens

    Looks like they had a great time – thank you!

  4. Zoe Walastyan

    This was totally worth it to go on the trip

  5. calum o

    i loved seeing all the nature i hope the council change their mind about the houses itll be really sad seeing all the nature destroyed if they dont

    • Mrs Ketley

      I hope they change their mind too Calum! I enjoy my walks in Common Wood 🙂

  6. Kieron

    That trip was amazing and the houses shouldn’t be built because the horses won’t have a home ! How would you feel if you had to be relocated?