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Coombe Hill




Year 5 Visit To Coombe Hill

Year 5 ended a busy week with a trip to Coombe Hill near Wendover. We wound our way through the Chilterns to this lovely spot where we stood right on the edge of the escarpment and admired the view. We could see right along the ridge where the Chilterns drop into the Vale of Aylesbury and Oxfordshire. The children were impressed by how far you could see even though it was rather grey and cloudy. We spotted Chequers nestled in the countryside and could see as far as Waddesdon. We also looked down on the edge of Wendover to see the proposed route of High Speed 2. Next week we are writing letters to the Prime Minister giving our views of HS2. We sketched the view beyond the Boer war memorial. In spite of us all feeling a bit chilly up on the hill, we had a good morning out and about in the beautiful countryside of our local area.



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  1. calum o

    i enjoyed it but i got really wet 🙁

  2. Kieron Wallen

    My hands were numb yet I still loved it

  3. Mia Donovan

    This was a cool trip we saw one of Teresa Mays weekend houses

  4. Lottie Worley

    This was an awesome school trip I hope the year 4s enjoy it

    • Zoe Walastyan

      I agree with you Lottie,hope you enjoy it year 4s!

  5. Zoe Walastyan

    This was really cool because we got to have our own mufty day!