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Homework 20.10.16

Due in on Tuesday 1st November


Year 3


Miss Weston’s Group

LC: Can I create a 3D shape?

This week we have learnt about 3D shapes, including different types of prisms and pyramids. We have even created some! Your task this half term holiday is to create a one or two of the shapes that we have learnt about. You could use the methods that we have in school, e.g. using plasticine and straws, you could use nets made from paper/card, or even create your shapes using your own creative and interesting method! If you really wanted to challenge yourself you could combine your shapes to make a bigger object, e.g. a house made out of a cuboid and a triangular prism. I would like you to bring the shape(s) that you have made into school on 1st November to share with the rest of our group. It would also be fantastic for you to take a photograph of your shape for your Maths Homework book, along with a date and title.


Miss Bartropp’s Group

Your task is based around finding 3D shapes in or around your home or the local area.

Stars and Hexagons – You must find 7 3D shapes and either take photos of them and stick them in your book, or draw the item instead in the box. You must then name the 3D shape. The sheet has examples to help you get started.

Rest of Miss Bartropp’s set – You must find 8 3D shapes. You must name them and then identify how many faces, edges and vertices it has. The sheet has an example to help you get started.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday. You may also want to play on Mathletics over the half term.



After half term our topic will be non-chronological reports and we will be focusing our reports on animals. Your homework for this half term is to research an animal from the Stone Age (e.g. Woolley Mammoth, Sabre-Tooth Tiger, Cave Lion, Woolley Rhinoceros) and collect as many notes as you can for our lesson. Remember not to copy information straight from the Internet; make notes on what you find out. You will need to know about:

  • the animals habitat (where it likes to live),
  • diet (what it eats)
  • Its appearance (what it looks like).

If you wanted to find out any extra information, for example its life span or behaviour, then you are welcome to bring this information too. Record your notes on paper and bring it to school ready for the first week back.

We expect you to include your best joined handwriting. We will award blue cards to children who have made a brilliant effort with their handwriting!



Remember we also expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday.



You have had your spelling test this week. Your next spelling list will be given out Tuesday 1st November.


If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us.

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston

Have a brilliant half term Year 3. See you in November!


Year 4

Maths: LC: Can I interpret bar graphs?

This week we have been looking at the different ways data and statistics can be presented. Please choose graph A, B or C and answer the questions about the graph in your book. It should be set out the same as we set out work in school. Please stick the graph you chose underneath you answers.

Mrs Pilgrim’s/ Ms Pater’s group: We have started to look at reading the time accurately using both analogue and digital time. Please practise reading the time according to the challenge you set yourself in class on Thursday. You do NOT need to write these down, just say the time correctly whenever you see a clock!!


English:  Roman Project

To be handed in Tuesday 1st November. This is the first day you get back from ½ term

Please complete your Roman project. Remember it can be written on the computer or handwritten. There needs to be at least 6 pages. There should be some pictures, and there could be a contents page.

Any research needs to be written into your own words. Please do NOT just cut and paste sections from the internet as it will not count as your own work and won’t be marked!

The project can focus on one aspect of Roman life or several.  Sections could be Rome, Food, Houses, The Army, Gladiators, The Empire or Roman Gods.


Year 5 Homework Project

This week we are setting you a project for which you will have two weeks to complete. We would like you to create a collage entitled “The Chilterns.” We have been studying the special area we live in for this half term and now we want you to create a piece of artwork that embodies the sense of the Chilterns. You can use all sorts of resources to mix together   to create your collage – it could be drawings, paintings, photos, fabrics, words and letters, maps, leaf rubbings, natural materials – whatever inspires you. It could be a bit like a designer’s “mood board.” Think about the colours you use and how you arrange all the components of your work. Please make your collage no larger than A3. Hand in by Friday 4th November. Please name your work.


Spelling You also have some spellings to learn. These are from the statutory list that the government recommends for Year 5. There are 48 words which we shall give to you to learn over the year. This half term holiday you need to learn the first ten. You will be tested in the first week back after the holiday.

The spellings are:












If you do Get Spelling with Mrs Blandford or Mrs Ketley, you need to learn the spellings which they have given to you.


Maths homework

Mrs Bailey’s class.

You have a section to do on missing angles in a straight line. Please choose the section which will challenge you but is achievable.

Miss Wolfe/Mrs Baker’s class.

You have a section to do on comparing angles. You will need a protractor to measure with. Unfortunately we can no longer loan a school protractor as we are running out of them! You should also choose a section which challenges you but is achievable. Only complete one section – A, B or C. All Maths homework to be completed in your homework book and handed in on Tuesday 1st November.


Year 6

Due: Tuesday 1st November


English Homework

Title: Can I research for and against arguments?


After half term in English we are going to be focusing on writing balanced arguments. To prepare you for this, your homework this week is going to be researching the pros and cons of a controversial topic.


We are giving you two options to investigate, you can either look at the pros and cons of graffiti and how it affects different groups of people or you can look at GM foods (genetically modified) and whether they are a good or bad thing. First, you may need to do some research about what GM foods are and why they exist, before you start creating your list of arguments.


In your homework book, please divide your page in two and come up with a minimum of 5 arguments for and 5 arguments against graffiti. You may even want to include some pictures to support your different arguments. Please remember to present your work beautifully and use a pencil and a ruler to draw your table. Your writing must be in blue handwriting pen, and you need to include a date and a title. You must spend at least 30 minutes on this piece of homework.


Maths Homework


We have had a brilliant term in Maths so far, learning about multiplication, division, shape, rounding and place value. For homework we would like you to create a board game based around these topics. After half term, we will be sharing these board games with each other so make sure you include some rules so that other children know how to play the game. Think really carefully about how you can make this game exciting. You may even want to think about how other board games are played to give you some idea as to how yours could be run. We have provided you with a template, though you may want to create your own. This game must be good as you will be sharing it with another year group.

Times Tables

We would also like you to keep practising your times tables over half term, so that you are raring to go with your cracking when we return!


Please ensure you are reading as often as possible (and something that challenges you) and recording it in your Home School Book. A minimum of 4 entries for half term PLUS 4 entries for the week before we broke up – your teacher will be marking 2 weeks of reading.


Over half term please ensure you have learnt your spellings. This week we have given you a list of conjunctions to learn so that you can use them in your writing accurately. You are expected to write a sentence for each work to show that you can use them in a sentence. Please choose the conjunctions that you are unfamiliar with so that you can use them accurately and challenge yourself, rather than picking ones that you already use regularly.


We have really enjoyed teaching you so far this term and hope you all have a lovely week off.


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    • Mrs Ketley

      Hello Kelly, we don’t have a mailing list for homework but if you check the website, I update the homework every week so that you can see what your children have been given.