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Homework 10.11.16

Posted On 10 Nov 2016
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Homework due in on Tuesday 15th November


Year 3


Title: Can I measure the perimeter of 2D shapes?

This week we have learnt how to measure the perimeter of 2D shapes. To do this, we measured the lengths of each of the shape and added them together to find the total length around the outside of the shape. This is known as the perimeter.

For homework you must complete the sheet given to you by your teacher. The instructions for this are on there. Please make sure you have got the correct sheet. You must put the short date and title in pencil and underline both with a title.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday. You may also want to play on Mathletics over the half term.



Title: Can I write a paragraph?

This week we have really been focusing on how to put a paragraph together – we have learnt that you need a topic sentence and then 3 facts to support it.

This week for homework we would like you to write paragraphs about yourself which would go in a non-chronological report about you. Cherries and grapes, you are going to write about your diet. Oranges, pears, strawberries and watermelons you are going to write two paragraphs – one about your diet and one about your appearance.

In your paragraph you must extend your sentences to make them more detailed and interesting to read. You can do this by using conjunctions such as so, and, but, because. A short sentence such as ‘I eat fruit’ is not detailed enough. You will need to extend this to make it longer.


Please look at our example below to help you:



Miss Bartropp eats a whole variety of things. Most of all, she likes to eat mango and pineapple because they are sweet. She also enjoys spaghetti bolognese which is her favourite dinner to have during the week. At the weekends, she often has dinner with her mum, dad, sister and brother.


Please make sure you write in your best handwriting, put a date and a title and underline both with a ruler. We will be looking for the most interesting and detailed paragraphs, and also for children who can write sentences with full stops and capital letters in the write places.



Remember we also expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It would be great to see some different children achieving ‘Reader of the Week.’



You had your spelling test this week so you have no new spellings for next week. However, it would still be a good idea to look over some of the spellings you have had and practise in your own time.


If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us. We are keeping a log of children who are handing in their homework and Home School Books in late so you must make an effort to hand it in on time.


Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4

Maths: LC: Can I find area?

We have been learning how to calculate the perimeter and area of shapes called rectilinear shapes. (These are shapes made from rectangles.)

For homework you need to choose section A, B or C.


Challenge This week we have been learning about The Romans counted. We still use Roman numerals today. Have you got any examples of Roman numerals in your home?  Make a list of any places you notice examples of Roman numerals over the weekend.

English: Adverbs

We have been focusing on how to use adverbs to improve our persuasive writing. Please complete the adverbs on the sheet.


Year 5


This week in English we have begun our unit of work on traditional stories. Next week we are going to look at legends. We will look at the characters that appear in these stories. For your homework we want you to think about heroes and heroines. We want you to think about what makes a good heroic character.


You need to choose a hero or heroine which you admire from a fictional story – this story can be modern or old – it does not have to be a legend. We then want you to describe the hero/heroine and explain why you think they are heroic. You writing should be descriptive and interesting and could include: their name; their qualities and skills; their adventures and exploits; their friends and enemies and why you believe them to be heroic.


Present your writing neatly. You can add pictures. Please – no copying from the internet. We want to see your own ideas written in your own words.


Miss Wolfe/Mrs Baker Maths

This week we have worked on multiplication. We have learnt the short formal method of multiplication. You have one of two homework activities.


If you feel confident with multiplying by a 2 digit number you should have the sheet called David’s Homework. You need to be the teacher and mark his work! You need to look at David’s sums and mark them. Find and circle his errors and show him what the answer should have been. (Notice that David multiplied the tens first – this is okay.)


Some of you have been given further practice on multiplying by 2 digit numbers. You need to answer these sums neatly with everything set out in columns. Use the method we used in class. Remember to write the vital zero first when you multiply by the tens digit!


Mrs Bailey’s Maths

We have worked on division this week and you have learnt the short written method.  For homework you will choose which section you would like to complete– either A or B and write the sums out in your book.  Please set them out neatly and carefully and work steadily – do not rush.


Year 6

English Homework

Title: Can I write conditional sentences?

On Monday we focused on conditional sentences, and learnt that these are sentences where one part of the sentence depends on another. For example:

  • Unless you do your homework, you will not be going to the park.
  • If it rains tomorrow, we will not be able to go outside at lunch.

For homework, we would like you to write a minimum of 6 conditional sentences in your English homework book. Remember we looked at words and phrases such as: if, as long as, providing that, unless. Try to include difference sentence openers and make your sentences as interesting as possible. Don’t forget to write a date and title, and write in your best handwriting using a blue ink pen. You should spend at least 30 minutes on this homework.


Maths Homework

This week we have been focusing on reading and drawing line graphs, as well as calculating the mean. If you log onto Mathletics, you will find that your Maths teacher has set you some activities based on these. You may also find that there a few activities based on bar graphs. Although we haven’t taught bar graphs, we want to see how much you remember about them! You must spend at least 30 minutes on this homework. Remember that we can see how long you have spent on it, and how you have got on.



Remember you must be reading AT LEAST 4 times a week, and recording this in your Home School Book. You must also be writing comments and getting an adult to sign your book to show they have seen what you have entered for your reading. Don’t forget that you could earn a NED reading passport sticker, in the next couple of weeks if you read a certain genre of book.



Continue with your statutory spelling list that Year 6 children must learn. We are expecting a sentence for EACH spelling, so 8 sentences in total, to prove you know how to use the word.

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