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Christmas Production

WOW! What a fantastic performance by all the children at Manor Farm Junior School. You have definitely put us all in the Christmas spirit with a superb Christmas production – well done to all pupils and staff involved!


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About the Author
  1. Kirsty Pinson

    Lovely photos from tonight, are their from last night?

    • Mrs Ketley

      Just from the Thursday performance Kirsty.

  2. Suzanne Chown

    Brilliant performance! Well done to all the children and a big thank you to the staff for making it happen!

  3. Laura

    Loved the new Christmas show format! All the children did a great job! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. lewis standen

    it was so so good keep it up

  5. Deborah

    Lovley photos great prefomance last night well done all.

  6. Louise

    Absolutely loved it! The children were absolute superstars! Think you may have some budding actors and actresses. Well done everyone for all your hard work. We throughly enjoyed it

  7. Jo worley

    I attended Tuesday’s performance. Fantastic whole performance. Well done all!

  8. Lili Gocheva

    It was amazing last night,briliant work well done children and staff.Thank you very much,we really enjoyed.

  9. LUCY

    All the year groups were amazing!!!

  10. Mrs Wilson

    Well done Manor Farm catchy songs, super acting – you should all be proud

  11. Caroline Barber

    Well done to all staff and children. A confident, enthusiastic and festive performance.

  12. Jenny

    Thank you for a lovely evening and a nice change to the norm. Great production, with super acting, singing & dancing and fab festive messages too. Well done for all your efforts & Merry Christmas everyone!
    Ps. Super photos Mrs Ketley! Thank you.

  13. Jenny

    Brilliant performance. Well done everybody!

  14. Lilia

    I loved doing the show,it was so much fun! All the teachers did a great job organising the production. THANK YOU!

  15. Lisa cobb

    A fabulous performance, well done for all the hard work.

  16. Nick Brain

    A really fabulous Christmas performance. Thanks to the staff for all of the hard work and to the children for making the show great fun!