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Year 6 Lincolnsfield Trip

As part of our World War Two topic we visited a World War Two re-enactment center.

The children were encouraged to dress up in traditional costumes and we must congratulate them for how fantastic they all looked. Well done to everyone.

The children had a full day packed with lots of activities – they were able to experience life in a 1940’s school room, they had a Blitz experience understanding what it might have been like to hear a warning siren and take shelter, they were able to spend time in a 1940’s garden and they were taken through a 1940’s home.

The children also had to opportunity to meet ‘Stan’, who was a veteran during the war. They asked him lots of sensible questions and he showed them photographs of himself in his uniform when he was 19 year old.

All the children were a credit to school and behaved really well – the staff at the center all commented on what a lovely day they had had with them.

Year 6 team.

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  1. Marco laRocca

    It was so fun thankyou to all the teachers that took us there

  2. Lewis standen

    It was so so good

  3. Laura

    Isla had a great time! Thank you!

  4. lila-grace sutton

    it was the best trip ever thank you to all the teachers

  5. Alicja

    Same as Lila – just loved it! 😉