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Homework 12.1.17

Posted On 12 Jan 2017
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Homework due: Tuesday 17th January


Year 3


Title: Can I find fractions?


Miss Bartropp’s Maths Set

All groups may write their answers on the sheet and glue it carefully into their book. Remember I am expecting to see a short date and title beautifully written and underlined in pencil.

Stars and Hexagons – You have been given two little sheet. One is with clowns on (Page 73 Abacus Book 3). The other is one with shaded shapes (P77 Abacus Book 2). You must complete both sheets by writing the fraction being shown. For example, if 2 out of 4 squares have been shaded then the fraction is .

Triangles, Squares, Pentagons and Diamonds – You have been given a sheet with shaded shapes. You must write the fraction that has been shaded. There are also some questions which require you to colour in the shape to represent the fraction given.


Miss Weston’s Maths Set

Monkeys and Ostriches – You have been given a sheet with shapes that have been shaded, you must find the fraction. Remember the numerator is the number that tells you how much is shaded, the denominator is the number that tells you the total amount of parts. You must then shade in shapes using the instructions given.

Lions and Zebras – You need to write the fraction of each shaded shape and then follow the instructions for shading shapes with different fractions. There are then some ‘True or ‘False’ questions.

Giraffes and Elephants – You need to write the fraction of each shaded shape and then follow the instructions for shading shapes with different fractions. Remember, read the instructions carefully, e.g. 1/6 shaded green means one out of every six parts needs to be shaded in green. There are then extension questions. Read each one carefully.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday. You may also want to play on Mathletics.



Title: Can I describe an underwater scene?

We have been learning about a fantasy story about a girl who goes into a washing machine and ends up in a fantasy world underwater, deep in the sea! For homework, we would like you to use the internet to find a picture of an underwater scene, with tropical fish, coral reefs and maybe even an octopus or shark! We would like you to write different 10 sentences to describe what is happening in the picture. Try to use exciting adjectives, and you may even remember to use a simile. We learnt about these before Christmas!

We will be looking for an underlined date and title. We will also be checking that the presentation of your work is beautiful and neat.



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It is not acceptable for Home School Books to be late into school, or not to have the relevant reading in. You will be made to miss a break time to catch up if this is not done to the expected standard. Remember you could be reader of the week!



You have been given a new spelling list to learn for next week. It is expected that you learn these thoroughly and write 2 spelling sentences in your spelling book. Before Christmas, there was a huge amount of children who were forgetting their spelling book, not learning their spellings or not doing their sentences. There is a zero tolerance policy for this term and there will be appropriate consequences should this happen.


Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4

Maths: Well done to those of you who achieved levels this week. Remember to keep practising regularly again this week.

This week’s homework is on checking your understanding of place value. Please complete the worksheet.


English: We have been looking how newspaper reports are organised and written. For homework we would like you to write a newspaper report about your weekend using the skills you have learnt.

Include a headline, write in the past tense and make sure you include at the start of your report. who? what? when? and where? Eg: Yesterday Bobby scored an amazing goal for his school football team in Hazlemere.

Your next paragraphs should add detail and explain how and why. Include facts and quotes from eyewitnesses. (Remember to use speech marks.)


Spellings: Your spellings this week are suffixes adding ‘ly’ to the end of a word to change an adjective to an adverb, eg complete becomes completely.


Year 5


This week we have been reading some classic narrative poetry. We shall be looking at these types of poems for 3 weeks.  We have read some fun poems by Edward Lear. For homework we want you to find and read some other narrative poems – remember these are poems which tell a story. We want you to read a good example of a narrative poem and see if you can work out what is happening in the story of the poem. Share the poem with someone else in your family too.

5A – You need to write the name of the poem and the poet in your Home School Book and write a short paragraph of what happened in the story of the poem. A parent needs to sign below that you have completed this.

5B – You need to write the name of the poem and the poet in your English homework book and write a short paragraph of what happened in the story of the poem.

Helpful websites and suggestions

Matilda by Hillaire Beloc, The Dong with the Luminous Nose by Edward Lear, Jabbberwocky, The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning

5A Group 4 Guided Reading group – could you find and read a Benjamin Zephaniah poem too?



Can I predict and measure capacity?

This week we have measured the capacity of liquids. For homework we want you to practise estimating and measuring the capacity of different containers you have at home. You will need a measuring jug marked in millilitres.

Choose 6 to 8 different containers. Fill them up with water one at a time and estimate how many millilitres are in each one. Then pour the water into the measuring jug and read the scale to measure exactly how many millilitres there were.

Make a neat and organised chart to record:

Name/type of container


Actual measurement

Difference between prediction and measurement (Miss Wolfe and Mrs Baker’s set).


Year 6


Please complete pages 12 and 13 on Apostrophes in your Punctuation Revision guide booklet.



Please complete pages 35 and 40 in your Arithmetic revision guide booklet.

Mrs Priors group please complete the questions that have been given to you in your lesson.



This week we have given you statutory spelling list 10 to learn at home. Please complete your spelling sentences in your spelling books. Well done on the test we did this week, we were really pleased with the high results that came through – it shows that you have been learning and using these words – keep it up! J



Well done to you all for the projects that you completed over the holidays – you all found some really interesting facts and hopefully these have helped you begin your topics with some prior knowledge.


We are also expecting you to practise your times tables. A lot of work in Maths requires you to use your tables accurately (like the fraction work we have done this week) and so practising these will give you a head start in lessons! It’s really important that you aim towards your next level and improve your score.


Have a lovely, well-deserved weekend.


Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Hillier

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