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Y5 Royal Albert Hall Music

Exciting News!

We are excited to announce that we have started to rehearse for our performance in the Echoes 7 concert at The Royal Albert Hall on Monday 20th March.  This will be an evening performance, beginning around 7pm.  We wanted you to have this date so that you would have time to organise your diaries if you wish to come and see us.  At this time the tickets are not yet for sale but we will let you know when these will be available to purchase (which will be directly from The Royal Albert Hall not school).



A Frosty Morning

Lyrics – a-frosty-morning-blyton



By The Sea

Lyrics – by-the-sea-blyton



Dead Leaves

Lyrics – dead-leaves-blyton



Firework Night

Lyrics – firework-night-blyton



Have You

Lyrics – have-you



The Clouds

Lyrics – the-clouds-blyton



The Ladybird

Lyrics – the-ladybird-blyton-1



The Spider’s Web

Lyrics – the-spiders-web-blyton




Lyrics – Lifesong lyrics final

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  1. Abiha Khurram

    Amazing! I can now practice all the songs on the phone! Thank you all so much for this!

  2. Hannah Gomez

    I’m very excited, I just can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Mae Robinson

    Royal Albert hall here we go

  4. Lorraine Daniels

    Tickets are now on sale!!!

    • Abiha Khurram

      Yes! Tickets are now on sale! I hope my family can come to see me!

  5. Lottie w

    I’m so excited yay!!!!!!can’t wait

  6. calum o

    im hyped i cant wait just a random question is micro librarian working?????
    its not working

    • Mrs Ketley

      Come and speak to me tomorrow Calum and we can try it at school to see if it works. Mrs Ketley