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Young Voices at The O2!

What an amazing trip the Year 6 had! After quite a long journey we arrived at the spectacular O2 to begin our rehearsal with 7000 children. The whole day was a fantastic opportunity to rehearse singing in a mass choir. All the hard work, that Mrs Jones and the children have built up to, paid off! We were ready for the concert. The children did Manor Farm proud- they were enthusiastic, professional and sung their hearts out. We managed to spot a few parents in the audience and we hope you all enjoyed it.
Well done to all the children for taking part in this amazing opportunity and a huge thanks to Mrs Jones, Mrs Bravington and Mrs Payne for working with the children over the past few months.
Mrs Atkinson


Click on the link below to listen to an account of our big day out featured on Wycombe Sound 106.6 FM this week. It concludes with a live track from our performance at the 02 Arena!

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  1. Mick Cheshire

    I wanted to say a big thanks to all those involved in this wonderful project. I had a great time at the concert and all the kids looked as though they were really loving it.! A night to remember for all involved. Thanks again for all your hard work …. it was awesome !!!

  2. Mr Sierant

    Well done Y6, I have heard wonderful things about how you performed. You were a credit to the school. Thanks go to Mrs Jones, Mrs Bravington and Mrs Payne for making this happen for the pupils.

  3. Alicja

    It was amazing!!!!!