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Hazard Alley

The Year 6 children have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in some real life hazardous situations and think about how they would deal with them.

One session took the children on a grand tour of a very dangerous town! There were burning buildings to cope with, kitchen fires, train crossings, water hazards, petrol stations and a very unsafe family in a car. The children also experienced making a 999 call to ask for help from the ambulance and the fire brigade – once some of the children had understood how a public phone box worked they were very professional with their calling skills! They also had chance to practise some vital life saving skills.
The second session taught them all about internet safety and the potential dangers of using the many social media sites that are available to them. I think many of the children were quite shocked by the ‘recommended age’ of some of the more popular sites like ‘What’s App’ and ‘’! The children ended the session by creating their own internet safety raps!
All the children were a credit to Manor Farm and I hope they all really enjoyed it.
Mrs Atkinson


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  1. Lucy

    That was so much fun!I wish I could do it again!

    • Angelica

      I agree that was fun

  2. Alana

    I wish we could go again