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Homework 9.2.17

Posted On 09 Feb 2017
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Year 3

Due in on Tuesday 21st February



Title: Can I use the column method to subtract?

This week we have been learning how to subtract using the column method. Most of us have been learning how to borrow numbers to make our subtraction calculations work.


Miss Bartropp’s Maths Set

You have been given a subtraction sheet to complete.

Stars and Hexagons – Subtracting a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number.

Triangles and Squares – Subtracting a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number.

Pentagons and Diamonds – Subtracting a 4 digit number from a 4 digit number.

All sheets involve borrowing from another column. Some of your questions may even involve borrowing more than once!  There is an example at the top of each sheet to remind you – remember you must always start in the units column! You may work on the sheet and then glue your work beautifully into your book. However, if you want to practise setting out your column subtraction then you may do so in your book. I will also be checking for a date and a title which has been underlined.

Some of you have been given 2 sheets, you may choose to do both if you would like but the idea is that you choose the one you feel will challenge you! Some of you have been given a different challenge to your group – this is based on how well you got on this week!


Miss Weston’s Maths Set


Times Tables

Make sure you are learning your times tables every day during the half term holiday, as when we return on the Monday we will be continuing with our Cracking Times Tables tests. It is disappointing that some children are not learning them as often as they should be. Children in Year 3 should be at least on Level 5 by the end of July so it is important that if you are below this level, you keep trying to improve! It is very evident in class who has been learning them. You could play ‘Hit the Button’ to motivate you to learn them or go on Mathletics during the holidays.



One of our topics after half term is ‘Poems to Perform’ where we will be looking at a range of poetry and discussing what is effective about them. For homework, we would like you to find a poem of your choice (this could be in a book or on the internet) and write a paragraph in your English homework book explaining why you like the poem. The paragraph should be no less than 8 lines long. You must explain your favourite part and why.


You must be ready to share your poem



We expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book throughout half term. We will be checking this when you return on the Monday. We will be checking for adult signatures too. The most impressive 3 Home School Books will win blue cards when you return. You could win this in many ways: challenging yourself with a new book, writing exciting comments in the Home School Book, reading more than expected of you! Remember, the children who read more tend to become better writers and have a better understanding of texts!


Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston



Year 4

Homework due in 21.2.17


This week, in Mrs White’s Maths set, you have been given an angle ordering sheet. You need to place it in order of size, starting with the smallest. You won’t need a protractor for this activity; you can visually estimate the angle.  If you are in Ms Pater’s Maths set then you have been given the same challenge, but you could use a protractor or use your estimate of the angle, like we did it in class.



You have been given a scroll of an A3 paper and an Imaginary Worlds Picture Clues. Your task is to create a story map of a fantasy story. Let your imagination take you on a journey as you add written detail to each section. Use all of the tools and techniques we discussed in English in the last few weeks. Challenge yourself to add interesting metaphors, similes and a range of WOW vocabulary.



You have been given a new spelling list by your teacher and are expected to write at least FIVE spelling sentences to show that you understand what the words mean. Do not pick the five easiest spellings – challenge yourself and use a dictionary to help you. These will be checked next Friday during the next spelling lesson – let’s see who can get 3 house points!


Cracking Times Tables

Please keep working on your times tables and try and beat your score from last week! We will be looking for those children who are really trying to improve each week.



Don’t forget your Home School Book on Monday and make sure you have recorded all of your reading properly. We will be looking for a new ‘Reader of the Week’ and expect AT LEAST four reading entries in the Home School Book.

Well done Year 4 this week, have a lovely half term!


Year 5

English – Can I write a book review?

Our school library has a new library system called Junior Librarian to catalogue and loan library books. For homework over the half term holiday and for the week after this, we would like you to write a book review for a book you have read since September. This book review will stay on the system so other children can read and access it so your book may help someone decide whether or not they want to read the book! You have recently been given a yellow slip – this slip will explain how to access the system and it lists your username and password.

We will be able to log onto the system to see who has completed the book review. If you cannot access the system, please let us know as soon as possible. Remember that these will be checked by Mrs Jowett and can be seen by everyone. Make you opinions honest and interesting. Make sure you proof read your review thoroughly – other pupils will read it! You need to complete this review by Tuesday 1st March.



You have the following words to learn from the statutory list. We will test you on these on Tuesday 21st February.












Year 6

Due: Tuesday 21st February


Over half term we would like you to complete pages 22-27 in your Punctuation Book on commas (including a mixed practice). We would also like you to complete the Reading revision book pages 6-9 on retrieval and inference. The minimum expectation is that you spend half an hour on these tasks, however with the SATs tests looming it is a great opportunity to be doing some revision which may take longer.



You are to complete pages 22-25 in the Number Ratio and Algebra book on multiplying and dividing, as well as pages 30 & 31 on word problems. If you struggle with any of it then please ask someone at home (or you can do this too) to write a note to us so we can help you with any areas you found tough.



After half term you will be given a random test based on the last half terms spellings. You must revise the 5 lists that you have been tested on so that you know them all really well. If you are in a Get Spelling Group then please revise yours too as you will be given a test as well!


Reading and Times Tables

As usual, we are expecting to see a minimum of 4 pieces of reading for this week, and 4 pieces for half term week. You also need to ensure that you are practising your times tables, so that you are raring to go with your cracking when we return!

We hope you have a lovely half term. See you in a week!

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Hillier

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