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Arts Week

Arts Week

Year 3 have had great fun this week, creating many pieces of art work to do with our theme ‘Under the Sea.’

We began the week in a scary manner as we created shark images from paper! We then turned ourselves into scuba divers too, creating a watercolour painting of under the sea and using photos of ourselves with our snorkels and masks! In the beginning of the week, we also created clay turtles and beautiful seahorse pictures which have now been embellished with sequins. We have spent time using watercolours to paint sea creatures, and soft chalk and black paper to create silhouettes. Using our CDs we have created lovely, shiny fish, complete with foam fins, googly eyes and ribbon!

The whole school has also been working towards creating art work for our whole school song ‘What a Wonderful World.’ For this, we have created tree collages out of paper, in the style of Kandinsky to show what beautiful nature we have in our world. We have also been getting very clever at using paper to create origami style flowers in jars – these look absolutely stunning!

Throughout the week we have also had some fantastic opportunities to take part in dance with outside visitors. I think one of the highlights of the week, and I know the children would agree, is our ‘Sounds Rubbish’ workshop run by Andy from Sounds Roadshows. The children had buckets, and pipes with elastic bands and spent the fun half an hour banging along to tunes such as ‘We will rock you.’

I liked doing the clay turtles because it was very fun” – Imogen Tunnell.

I really liked doing the mermaid mosaics on Friday afternoon” – Alba Bailey-Buron.

I think the flowers in the jars were the best because once we finished making it, it looked like we had spent a long time making it and it looked beautiful and colourful” – Harry Gilmartin.

I liked the seahorse pictures because I liked using the chalk” – Samson Dowding.

I liked the music workshop because I loved how they set it up and how it was called ‘Sounds Rubbish’ because all the things we used looked like they belonged in a dumpster” – Lexie Francis.

I liked creating my silhouette because I actually think our pictures look like they are in the ocean” – Kamryn Reeves.

The children have worked their socks off this week and adults have said they are amazed at what they have produced considering they are only 7 and 8! We can’t wait for you all to see it at the Arts Exhibition – some pieces will definitely need framing after!


Year 4

Year 4 have been busy doing arts around the topic of Space. It started with exploring music and dance associated with space. The children researched a planet in the solar system and wrote an acrostic poem on this planet as well as creating it out of papier mache – very messy! They also made colourful pom-pom planet mobiles and painted star constellations. The children looked at pictures of Earth taken from the window of the International Space Station and re-created these pictures using pastels. Creating their own rockets out of household rubbish linked in well with the excellent  ‘Rubbish Music’ workshop, which they participated in on Thursday afternoon. It was a busy week enjoyed by all.


Year 5 Arts Week ‘The Far East’

Year 5 began Arts Week by listening to some Japanese folk songs. We had to work out where we thought the music came from and name the instruments being played. We then looked some iconic images of the landscape of Japan and discussed which countries might be found in the Far East.

Our first activity was creating some koi carp using clay. We painted these beautifully later in the week. We also made fish using the technique of origami. Once we had got the hang of these paper folding skills we were also able to create Japanese dolls. As groups we painted brilliant kimonos – each group used colours and images inspired by the traditional designs of Japan. Collage and paint were used by all of us to recreate cherry blossom plates.

All the year group worked together to form a wall of Japanese street art – this includes a mixture of well-known modern characters who originate from Japan. We worked carefully with watercolours to paint our own versions of The Great Wave by Hokusai and constructed Chinese lanterns.


Year 6

Year 6’s Arts Week theme was Planet Earth. We did many different things and had lots of fun. Probably the most complicated activities were making Pom Poms and Paper Cutting. We made Earth Pom Poms by winding the correct coloured wool around two donut-shaped cardboard rings and then cutting it off to link them. For paper cutting we simply used paper knives to carve patterns in our animal shapes.

Another two activities were Papier Mache masks and Modroc Ice Caps. They were really fun and simple. To make the masks we had to Papier Mache drama masks then (when they were dry) we painted on the right colours to make an animal mask. For mod rocking we covered our creations in Modroc and then moulded the Modroc into the shape of igloos and finally we painted them.

There was also two sessions where we had fun dance activities. There was street dance and Chinese they were very exciting.

Another activity that we all did was sunset scenes. We painted a sunset onto paper then put on animal and tree silhouettes (made of black paper). This created a lovely Savanna sunset picture.

Lastly; was an activity that we all did together, this involved making a huge globe (by gluing tissue paper on the outside of a polystyrene ball) and connecting the drawings that we drew of animals around the outside.

We also took a line from the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ (because the whole schools theme was ‘musical mayhem’), and printed our hands, in colourful paint, onto a cardboard cut-out of hands linking together.

Written by Hannah Eccles- Yr6



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    Arts week was so fun I wish it could be 2 weeks instead of one.