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Easter Homework

Due in on Tuesday 18th April


Year 3

After the Easter holidays, our new English topic will be ‘Myths and Legends’, so for your homework this holiday, we would like you to either draw or make a mythical creature! Your mythical creature could be made out of Papier Mache or it could be junk, modelled. You may even find another interesting way of making it if you choose to do so. If you would prefer, you could use a blank piece of A4 paper to draw your creature using colours to show exactly what it looks like. Along with your creation, we would like you to write one paragraph to describe your creature and where they live. You must use adjectives, adverbs, interesting verbs and accurate punctuation. We are not expecting this to be written in your English Homework book because we will be putting it up on display. Here are some examples…









As there is a long Easter break, we will be expecting you to continue you’re your reading at least four times a week. This would mean we would be looking at around 12 entries at the least. We will award three blue cards to the children that record the most reading in their Home School Books and in the best and most detailed way.


Times Tables

The first day back, we will be having a Cracking Times Tables test, so you need to make sure you practise to improve your scores! You may even get a new level! You can practise your times tables by practising on ‘Hit the Button’, a site which can be accessed by typing ‘Hit the Button’ into a search engine.


Have a great Easter holiday.

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4

As you know, this term we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons. We have learnt about their beliefs, famous Anglo Saxons and life in Anglo Saxon times including jobs. We would like you to produce a poster or a Powerpoint presentation on everything you have learnt about the Anglo Saxons. You can do some research to check or add to some of your facts.



You have been given a new spelling list by your teacher and are expected to write at least FIVE spelling sentences to show that you understand what the words mean. Do not pick the five easiest spellings – challenge yourself and use a dictionary to help you. These will be checked next Friday during the next spelling lesson.


Cracking Times Tables

Please keep working on your times tables and try and beat your score from last week! We will be looking for those children who are really trying to improve each week. The Government state that all children should know their tables from 1-10 by the end of Year 4.



Don’t forget your Home School Book on Monday and make sure you have recorded all of your reading properly. We will be looking for a new ‘Reader of the Week’ and expect AT LEAST four reading entries in the Home School Book.

Well done Year 4 this week, have a great Easter holiday and don’t eat too much chocolate!


Year 5

Miss Wolfe/ Mrs Baker Maths You have been assigned some Mathletics units to complete. These are all on fraction calculations. You need to add, subtract and multiply fractions. Remember when you are multiplying a fraction by a whole number you need to take the whole number and give it a denominator of 1 – example, 2 x ¾ will become 2/1 x ¾  – then just multiply the numerators and the denominators! You will also need to use the skills of simplifying fractions and converting between mixed and improper fractions.

Mrs Bailey You have been assigned Mathletics units on decimals.

English We are setting you a challenge for the Easter holiday. We want you to read some good quality stories. We are giving you a choice – we want you to read either a story set in another culture or a story that is a good example of classic fiction. Remember classic fiction should be a well-known traditional story from several decades ago. This reading will help you in our English lessons after the holiday.

Suggestions for classic fiction

Enid Blyton stories (5A Group 1 Guided Reading group – Miss Wolfe wants you to read an Enid Blyton book)

Just William

Alice In Wonderland

The Secret Garden

The Hobbit

The Jungle Book

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

The Borrowers

The Railway Children

The Little Princess

Swallows and Amazons

Anne of Green Gables


Suggestions For Classic Fiction



Journey to Jo’burg

Grandpa Chatterji

Rainbow Snake

The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman

This website gives some good suggestions


Statutory spellings to be learnt over the Easter holiday: 















Be ready to be tested on these spellings on the Tuesday we return to school!


Year 6

Revision – Due Tuesday 18th April

In order that your child has the best possible chance of gaining the expected standards in the KS2 tests after the holidays, we are hoping you will encourage them to do some revision during the break. Your child has been given a 10-4-10 revision booklet for each of the following areas: Writing, SPAG, Reading and Maths. These booklets require them to spend 10 minutes a day, for 10 days, on each topic. They get the weekends off! In order to help you support them, we have put an answer booklet on the school website for you to download, if you wish. In this, you will find the answers and in some cases hints so that you can mark each of the sheets when your child has completed them.


Spelling – To be tested Tuesday 18th April

After Easter, you will be tested on your ‘tious’,’cious’, ‘ence’ and ‘ance’ word list.


Reading and Times Tables

Please keep up with your reading and times tables over the Easter holidays. You must be reading at least 4 times a week, on top of your 10-4-10 revision and we will be expecting to see this in your home school book. As well as this, you should be making sure you are learning your times tables, focusing particularly on the ones you are getting incorrect.


We hope you have a lovely Easter

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Hillier


Revision Booklet Answers:

10-4-10 Reading Answers Easter 2017

10-4-10 GPS Answers Easter 2017

10 4 10 Maths Expected Standard answers

10-4-10 Mathematics Above Expected Answers 2017

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      There is a link at the bottom of the homework page Lewis. You can click on each of the answer links and it will open in a new tab. Hope it works – let me know if you are still struggling.