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Egyptian Day

“Year 3 had a fantastic day as Ancient Egyptians on Monday! We went back in time and became Egyptian civilians going about their everyday lives at a market. The children were able to carve scarab beetles in soap, make oil lamps, make an amulet and a canopic jar. They also mummified pegs and wrote their names on papyrus. In the afternoon, the children were split into groups and they had to prepare a play for the banquet for the pharaoh and his queen. Some children acted out a famous story called ‘The Wax Crocodile’ whilst others performed an Egyptian Dance to represent what people did around the River Nile. One group took on miming a story about Osiris and the last group acted out how a famous bull would predict their destiny. These children had to perform in front of the last group who were the royals. They had to serve a banquet of cheese, bread, grapes and even wine!
We had a great day and it was enjoyed by all.”
Thank you!!


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  1. Abiha Khurram

    Wow! I remember how fun egyptian day was in yr 3!
    It was so fun and there was lots of activities to do!
    Anyway, everyone looked like real Egyptians in there costumes!
    I hope yr 3 had fun, and knows how it is to experience Egyptian life!

  2. Tamiya

    yes it was great fun
    how come the get to do more things than us we only got to do two things?

  3. Mae Robinson

    I remember doing all stations and it was fun