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Fantastic Football


Reporter: Samuel Swain

Year 5 Manor Farm Junior School played football against Kingswood School.

Manor Farm vs Kingswood

They played against a good team – Kingwood. The game took place at Manor Farm on the 21/03/17. The team was Callum J in goal for half the game and for the second half it was Freddie Vaughan. In defence they had Callum G, Louis H, Matthew J all swapping around. In midfield they had Sam S, Josh L and Toby L. Up front the team had Frankie Schreiber and Luke Hall.

BOOM! Kingswood took kick off but Manor Farm got off to a good start. About 7.5 minutes into the game Manor Farm scored to go 1-0 up. Then shortly after, Bang, 2-0 up. Then it was half-time and both teams had a team talk. Could Kingswood get one back? NO! An amazing save by Freddie, who stopped them in their tracks and got it up the field and capow! Another goal for Manor Farm thats 3-0. There was no way Kingswood could win now, definitely if they score again. It was a miracle goal, another goal for Manor Farm – a fabulous goal by Toby. Luckily for Kingswood the final whistle went and that was the end of the game.

Well done Manor Farm! “Wahoo, we are now in the final yay,” Freddie exclaimed. Manor Farm won 4-0 at the end of the game. I should think Kingswood were disappointed with that performance. What a game for Manor Farm. Do you think they can win the final?


Produced by Sam Swain

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  1. Mrs Ketley

    I think if you play as a team and work for each other, like I know you can, then yes Sam you can definitely win!

    Also, well done for a fantastic report, I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Mr Cook

    Thank you for the report Sam. A well deserved victory. Play as a team and you have every chance.