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Homework 9.3.17

Posted On 09 Mar 2017
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Homework due in on Tuesday 14th March


Year 3


This week we have been practising how to convert between units of weight and capacity. We have also been learning how to add and subtract units of weight. This week your homework has been set on Mathletics. You must log on and the activities that your teacher has set for you will pop up. You must spend at least 20 minutes on this piece of homework.



Title: Can I recognise the difference between fact and opinion?

This week we have been learning about the difference between fact and opinion. We have learnt that a fact is a statement that you can prove to be true or false, and it is something that is definite e.g. London is the capital city of England. We have learnt that an opinion is an attitude or a judgement towards something e.g. I like Maths lessons. For homework, we would like you to write 5 different opinions and 5 different facts in your books to prove you understand how they are different. You need to ensure you have got a date and a title, underline in your book! We are also looking for impressive handwriting. You must spend at least 20 minutes on this piece of homework.



We are continuing to check Home School Books every Monday. Remember you need at least four readings each week with an adult signature. If you record more than four readings then the amount of house points that you could get increases too! Well done to the children who were awarded blue cards last week for their efforts!


Arts Week

Next week will be a very different week! It is Arts Week so it will be a whole week of dance, drama, music and art! We have ordered loads of resources for us to have a great, creative week, but you will need the following items throughout the week:

  • A blank, old CD
  • A see-through jar

If you have more than one CD or jar, it would be great if you could bring this in, in case some children struggle to get hold of one. If you also have any buttons, sequins, ribbon or other decorative items you would like to bring in to use with your art work then bring these in too!

Our theme in Year 3 is ‘Under the Sea!’


Have a great weekend!

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4


This week, in Mr Cook’s Maths set, you have been given a worksheet to complete on ‘Time’. The answers need to be recorded in your book. If you have the sheet with section A and B on, you need to choose which section to do (make sure it challenges you but is not too difficult)

If you are in Ms Pater’s Maths set, then you have word problems involving time to solve. Please answer them in your books in full sentences.



This week we have looked at Fronted Adverbials. For homework you have been given a booklet with some activities involving fronted adverbials. We expect you to spend 30 minutes on this booklet. You may not finish the booklet in 30 minutes but you are more than welcome to spend longer completing the booklet. Your parents have an envelope with the answers in so they can go over your work with you. You may need to explain to your parents what a Fronted Adverbial is!



You have been given a new spelling list by your teacher and are expected to write at least FIVE spelling sentences to show that you understand what the words mean. Do not pick the five easiest spellings – challenge yourself and use a dictionary to help you. These will be checked next Friday during the next spelling lesson – let’s see who can get 3 house points!


Cracking Times Tables

Please keep working on your times tables and try and beat your score from last week! We will be looking for those children who are really trying to improve each week. The Government state that all children should know their tables from 1-10 by the end of Year 4.



Don’t forget your Home School Book on Monday and make sure you have recorded all of your reading properly. We will be looking for a new ‘Reader of the Week’ and expect AT LEAST four reading entries in the Home School Book.

Well done Year 4 this week, have a great weekend.



Year 5


This week your homework is to get ready for all the events that are coming up in our Year 5 diary!



Arts Week is next week. The school theme is Art Inspired By Music. We are going to let you know our own particular theme in Year 5 on Monday. We would like you to see if you can find these items to help us with our Arts Week and bring them in for Monday:

A pack of felt tips

Wrapping paper – only wrapping paper which has a small repeating pattern please – (no wrapping paper with pictures of characters, people or Disney, thank you – it must just be a small pattern.)

A small photo of your head! (no bigger than 3 or 4cm in size)

A painting shirt or apron

A black calligraphy or roller ball pen


Echoes Performance at the Albert Hall

We were very proud of Year 5 at our rehearsal at the Swan theatre on Wednesday. They were beautifully behaved and showed determination to master some complex singing and playing. Well done. Please spend some time practising the words for our songs – especially Frosty Morning, Clouds, Have You and By The Sea.


Year 6


On Monday, you sat a SPAG paper. These have now been marked. For homework we would like you to go through your paper and find the questions where you lost marks. With a coloured pencil, we would like you to make your corrections. If you are unsure, ask an adult to help you understand the question. If you don’t have many corrections, you need to use this opportunity to do some SPAG revision. These papers must come back into school on Tuesday.



Geometry, Measure and Statistics – Pages 12-16

Please complete these pages linked to translation and coordinates that we have been doing this week.



Every Friday, you will also be given your arithmetic test as homework so that you can do your corrections in your Maths homework book.  This will replace the mental maths audio tests that we have been doing and sending home for homework. This is a great opportunity for your parents to help you with strategies and for you to build your confidence. The more you practise, the better you will do! This is also due in on a Tuesday.



Remember you are learning your cious and tious words for the test next week.


Reading and Times Tables

Please ensure you read 4 times and record this in your Home School Book for Monday. If you haven’t been ‘Reader of the Week’ this year, then push yourself this week to see if you can read more or write better comments! Being ‘Reader of the Week’ would be a great goal to aim for! Make sure you are also practising your times tables, so that you are ready to improve your score or even reach your next level next week!


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