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Year 5 Go Wild At Woodrow

What a great end to a busy term for Year 5. On Wednesday we all travelled to Woodrow High House for three days out and about in the setting of the Chilterns countryside. We were all excited, but after a short while we soon settled into our Woodrow routines. The weather was kind to us with only a few light spots of rain and a glorious day on Thursday. We were here to learn some new skills which we wouldn’t be able to do in the classroom. And to gain in confidence and independence and show we could manage without our parents for a few days!

We honed our map skills with an orienteering activity on the first morning and this helped us explore all around the Woodrow site. For much of our time we were in five groups and completed a range of challenges. We learnt how to shoot at a target with a bow and arrow and how to work as a team to build exploding rockets and buoyant rafts. Everyone crossed the Bridge of Doom on the low ropes course and we looked forward to seeing who returned the muddiest after working together to navigate Nightline in the woods. We all enjoyed Bushcraft – where we found out about survival skills and all had a go at making and lighting a fire – this proved much trickier than the instructors made it look. In the evening we bopped about in the cellar disco or played table football. We also enjoyed some lively campfire songs.

Year 5 – you behaved incredibly well. It was good to see you get on together and maybe mix with some other people in the year group that you might have not known so well before. You settled down quickly at night times and really supported each other. You were a pleasure to take away. Have a great Easter break and we look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.


(More photos to follow after Easter, once I get the photos which Mrs Baker and Mrs Prior took).



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  1. lisa cobb

    thank you for the fab photos, Toby had a fantasic time. Thank you to all the teachers.

  2. Lisa Swain

    brilliant pictures! looks like lots of fun

  3. Sabrina Baker

    Thank you Year 5 staff for giving the kids the most amazing experience. Evie is still absolutely buzzing from the last 3 days and cannot tell me her favourite moment because everything was her favourite! #happymemories!

  4. Lorraine Daniels

    Thanks Mrs Ketley, great photos. And thank you to all the teachers, Mae had a wonderful time

  5. Liz

    Fantastic pictures!!… Thank you to all the Staff who made this a fun packed 3 days….Happy Children,Happy Memories. … and Happy Easter to you all

  6. Chantal

    Thank you all for making this such a fun and memorable experience for the children. Liam has had an amazing time! So much to tell and would do it all again tomorrow if he could!

  7. Mandy

    Thank you so much to all the staff, Tom had an absolutely amazing time! 🙂

  8. Sophie

    Thank you to everyone for an amazing few days. Harvey had a blast! Have a great Easter and well deserved break. X

  9. Emily Clarke

    Thank you so much to all the lovely staff and children that made this trip possible. They all look like they had a fabulous time. Great photos x

  10. Caroline Barber

    Great photos. Jack had ‘the best time ever’. Such an action packed 3 days with so many opportunities for trying different things. Thank you to all the staff who made it possible. I hope you now have a very well deserved Easter break 🙂

  11. natalie h

    it was fabulous. i wanted to stay there instead of come home

  12. Hannah Gomez

    This was sooooooooooooooooooooo fun! I enjoyed every second of it. Even when we got muddy! 😉

  13. Mia Van Aurich

    I had a great time I loved every moment,night line was really fun!

  14. Maddie Lancaster

    Woodrow was amazing I wish we could go there all the time!

  15. Liz Judge

    Brilliant pics! Thank you again for taking them, Matthew had a fantastic time and had lots to talk about then he came home. Enjoy your Easter break.

  16. Helen Cogan

    Thank you so much – Charlie had a fantastic time!

  17. Tamiya

    it was sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing I wish we could go there every week
    my favourite activity was night line I was covered up to my knees in mud.

  18. Lizzie Ball

    I enjoyed every moment of it it was sooooooooooo fun I wish we went there all the time I loved the night line because we got muddy and thank you to all of the teachers and staff that made it all possible ❤️

  19. Abiha Khurram

    Yes, Woodrow was a fab experience of getting muddy and getting to know people some more!
    I found out so many new things about various people, and my roomates were a real good help.
    Woodrow was the best, I wish we could go there again!
    I’m so looking forward to the yr 6 trip to kent, I bet we will all want to go there once we experience that trip!
    Anyway don’t forget the food! My favourite meal was the pizza in a baguette, and the Greek yogurt with honey for Bre akfast! Mmm that was sooooooooooooooooooo yum!
    And don’t forget such the fun activities! My favourite was all of them, they were so fun,especially low ropes!
    Ahh Woodrow I will miss you!
    What was your favourite thing about Woodrow?