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Green Park


On Thursday 11th May Year 4 waved goodbye to their parents and set off on their first school residential trip. There was a huge cheer when the coach entered through the gates to Green Park.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted my Mr Mills and Mr Luck from Premier Sports who has set up a round-robin of activities. These activities were designed to develop team-working skills. At each station the group had to work together as a team to try to beat the records of previous teams.

After this we played a field –game: Foxes and Farmers. There was lots of running about. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.

After filling up with Sandwiches, crisps, Kit-Kats and fruit we went to the field with Mr Mills where we had a choice of activities. We could either play a shooting game with Nerf guns, do some archery or have some free time. Some of us decided to say ‘hello’ to the cows in the field opposite.

At 2pm, 4a went swimming and 4b walked to the local park. An hour later the classes swapped. The lifeguard at the pool was very complimentary about our school’s behaviour in the pool.

Finally at 4:30pm we were allocated our rooms. We unpacked and set up our bags. We waved goodbye to Mrs Boddington and Mrs Van Aurich and welcomed Ms Wolfe for the evening. We then had some free time till dinner.

At 6pm we went to dinner. Dinner was delicious roast chicken with a sponge pudding and fruit for dessert. After dinner we got into teams and did a quiz. We could earn points for our time by taking part in different activities. These included wrapping a friend in toilet role, using mouths to search for smarties in flour, a cracker biscuit eating competition and building paper aeroplanes .

After the excitement of the quiz, we got ready for bed before reflecting on the action packed day.  We went to bed and it wasn’t long before everyone was asleep, recharging batteries for the next day.

In the morning Ms Pater took a group of children for a 7:30 jog around the Green Park site. At 8:30 we had breakfast: cereal, pain au chocolate and toast. Mr Mills met us and took 4a to the field for more activities while Mr Cook and Ms Hawes led Foot-golf with 4b. At 11am we swapped round.

Following lunch at midday, we got all our bags together, had a final play and finished with a biscuit and squash before getting on the coach for the trip home.

After an unusual route back via Princes Risborough and High Wycombe we arrived at school, worn out but full of exciting stories to tell parents.

Thank you to the staff at Green Park, Ms Pater, Miss Hawes, Ms Wolfe, Mrs Van Aurich, Mrs Boddington, Mr Mills, Mr Luck and Mr Cook for keeping us safe and making the trip enjoyable.

Finally, well done to Year 4 who got stuck in to all activities (even when unsure) and represented the school fantastically well.



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  1. Jo Malecki

    Harry and Georgie had a Fantastic time
    Thank you

  2. Lilia

    I had a great time at green park.My favourite part was foot golf!
    Thank you to all the staff.

  3. Lisa

    Thank you for putting some pictures up! And it was nice to find out what they did, as they quite often “can’t remember” when they get back! lol

  4. Ella

    I had a fantastic time at Green Park. The best bit was the quiz night. Thanks so much to all staff.

  5. Harry K

    It was a fantastic two days. I loved it, especially foot golf and the evening games!

  6. Suzanne Chown

    Thank you for showing us the pictures – they had a great time. Big thank you to all the staff!

  7. Simon Gochev

    I really enjoyed it I liked foot golf even though Harry M and Ryan were beating us and I enjoyed all the meals provide by green park. I liked it and. We got of the coach on our way back because I got a slush puppy I Really want to go again.

  8. Amaria khan

    Aamna has had a wonderful time she was tiyed I’m glad she had a wonderful time

  9. Lily rose spratt

    I really enjoyed green park I really wish I was there for longer hope the rest of y4 enjoyed it too

  10. Lily rose spratt

    Thanks so much to all the y4 teachers who came and planned for this and my favourite time was wrapping Jenna up it was sooooooooooooo fun thank you

  11. Lily rose spratt

    Thanks so much again my favourite time was achery

  12. Hannah Gomez

    Looks like you had a really good time. Green Park is awesome!

  13. Abiha Khurram

    I remember when I was in Green Park having the time of my life!
    I hope yr4 had fun, and the same tradition will carry on with yr3, yr2, yr1, etc.