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Y6 Residential – Day 4

Yippee the sun was shining when we all woke up – smiling faces all round.

Today all new activities were on offer. Groups were treated with Zip Wire, Challenging Crate Stacking, Canoeing and Kayaking and Raft Building.

The screams could be heard all around the park as the children dropped from 30ft and made their way down the 150m long Zip Wire. It was fantastic experience that saw the children rise to the challenge of jumping off backwards or with their eyes closed. It certainly quickly became a favourite for some.

Earthquakes were then felt all round the site (well actually only at the crate stack) and those children 12 crates high showed their super flying skills!

All those challenges meant that margarita and pepperoni pizzas for lunch were soon devoured with even enough time left for a trip to the shops.

Thankfully we were all already wet when the skies opened, with ores splashing and capsizing boats creating a lake full of laughter.

A well-earned roast with all the trimmings reheated our cores before a lovely campfire where we reminisced on our best moments and praised each other on fears that were conquered.

All the children have headed off to bed with thoughts of packing their muddy wet clothes ready to bring home!

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  1. Jo Malecki

    They all look like they are having the time of their lives bless them!
    Can’t wait to get my girly home later and hear all about it!!
    Safe drive home x

  2. Karen

    Thank you for the daily fix of our children. It’s soooo lovely to see what they are up to and what they are eating too!!!’ They all look like they ve had a fabulous time. Memories have been made. Thank you to everyone.

  3. Amaria khan

    It looks like they are all having a lovely day arsalan looks like his had a great time but he looks tiyed bless him can’t wait to see him and here all the things that have done have a safe journey home