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Year 6 Staycation


While many of Year 6 were on their residential, 12 children stayed at school. They also had a fun-filled week that will stay in memories for a long time. It was great watching the 12 come together and become a close team towards the end of the week.

On Monday Mrs Oxby had planned a number of activities to do in the morning. The first was working as a team to create newspaper sculptures. Each group had slightly different instructions. Teams worked well together and created some amazing sculptures just using newspaper.

The next activity was a competition to build a structure out of newspaper to support a book. It had to be as tall as possible and only 8 sheets of paper could be used. Next a few games were played including 21s and Splat. In the afternoon Mr Green did activities with the group. These included Dodge-ball and Ninja Squirrel.

On Tuesday one group of six made some fresh pasta and tomato sauce with Mrs Oxby while the others built catapults out of wood. We had a competition to see which catapult fired an object the furthest. This group then spent an hour in Year 3 supporting children in Maths. The Year 3 staff were very complimentary about the support the Year 6 children offered.

On Tuesday afternoon the group came back together and looked at famous artists and made their own artwork based on these artists. The results were very impressive.

On Wednesday morning the two groups of six swapped around to do the activities the other group of six had done previously.

Film afternoon followed Wednesday morning, and the children made popcorn to tuck into whilst watching the film that they had voted for – ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants.’ This was followed by a few games of Dodgeball.

On Thursday the group got on the bus and headed into High Wycombe Town Centre where they conducted a survey with members of the public. They were nervous at approaching members of the public at first but gained in confidence as the morning went on. Lots of the public told Mr Cook how respectful and polite the children were. They were a credit to the school.

Later on Thursday morning we stopped off to get a snack before going for a walk around The Rye. This was followed by lunch and a play on the adventure playground. We caught the bus back – a Double-Decker much to the excitement of the children. Despite the grumpy bus driver we all enjoyed are trip back on the top deck.

Thursday afternoon was spent in the sunshine (almost) with Mr Green playing Foot-Golf. A very enjoyable day was had by all.

Finally Friday came round and we had planned to go to the woods but needed another adult. Fortunately Mrs Ketley was kind enough to offer which meant we could go. In the woods we split into three teams and built shelters. They were all fantastic.

When we got back we did a Google Maps activity with Mr Cook and made our own Smoothies in the afternoon – delicious.

A very big thankyou to Mrs Oxby, who came in every day to help out. She was fantastic and made the experience especially enjoyable for the children.

Please read below for pupil comments:

‘My favourite part of the week was when we went to Wycombe and played on the massive playground at the park.’ – Alicja

‘My favourite part was making smoothies and popcorn and playing dodgeball and playing in the park. I loved spending time with my friends’ – Ruby

‘I really enjoyed making the pasta. I enjoyed it because I watch Masterchef almost everyday and liked using the pasta machine.’ – Tommy

‘I really enjoyed going to Wycombe because we got to talk to members of public. I also enjoyed cooking with Mrs Oxby because I got to learn new things.’ – Iman

‘My favourite part was making popcorn and watching the film.’ – Lana

‘My favourite part of the week was making popcorn. It went everywhere!’ – Elise

‘I enjoyed the Wycombe trip because I now feel more comfortable when I’m around members of the public. I also enjoyed playing in the park.’ – Kirsty

‘I enjoyed going to town.’ – Lewis

‘I enjoyed making the pasta as it was exciting making our own food.’ – Finnley

‘I enjoyed the survey in town and the Rye – especially eating my snack.’– Ethan






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  1. Tina Bodd

    Thank you for the fabulous pictures and write ups for the Y6 Staycation. Ruby had a brilliant week thoroughly enjoyed it. Love it !!

  2. lewis standen

    thank you mr cook for a fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best week ever

  3. Polly Oxby

    I loved my week too, the pupils were a pleasure to be with.

  4. Mr Cook

    I had a really enjoyable week – Thank you to Mrs Oxby and the pupils who stayed. It was great to see the group come together as a team as the week went on.

  5. Marco larocca

    Thankyou to mrs oxby and mr cook for the best week EVER!!!

  6. Abiha Khurram

    That looks really fun!
    I wish I could do that!
    Well maybe next year.
    If I don’t have to go on the school trip!