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Homework 15.6.17

Posted On 15 Jun 2017
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Homework due in on Tuesday 20th June


Year 3


Miss Bartropp’s Maths Set

Title – Can I find equivalent fractions?

This week we have been learning how to find equivalent fractions.

Stars and Hexagons – You must colour in the first shape to show the given fraction. You must then colour in the other shape to match the first shape and then write the equivalent fraction. The first one has been done for you. You may work on the sheet and glue it beautifully into your book. It is also VERY important that your colouring is neat and presentable.

Triangles, Squares, Pentagons and Diamonds – You have been given equivalent fractions with a missing number! You must use your times tables to work out how they got part of the equivalent fraction and then calculate the missing number. The first one has been done for you. You may work on the sheet and glue it beautifully into your book

Remember to write a date and title neatly and underline it, sticking the sheet neatly in your book.


Miss Weston’s Maths Set

Title – Can I find equivalent fractions?

You have the choice of three activities, which all ask you to find at least 5 equivalent fractions of the fraction already given. Take care when multiplying or dividing. Make sure that whatever you do to the denominator you need to do the same to the numerator.

Remember you may write the answer on the sheet, but you must stick your sheet in neatly, not forgetting your date and title at the top of your page.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables on Monday! It is vital that you keep practising and improving on your scores.



Title – Can I use connective devices extend my sentences?

This week we have been learning about how to use connective devices (such as openers and conjunctions) to extend our ideas for letter writing. You have been given a word mat of connective devices that can be used in letter writing. We would like you to imagine that you are persuading the council to put new play equipment at the local park and use some of the connective devices to write sentences to persuade them. You are NOT writing the whole letter, just detailed sentences. You must choose 6 and write 6 detailed sentences including these conjunctions. You must underline the connective device you have chosen to use.

For example

  1. Many people believe that children benefit from different pieces of equipment at the park because it allows them to use their muscles.
  2. It is important for children to get lots of exercise therefore putting new equipment in will encourage them to do this.
  3. New equipment needs to be put at the park because the current play equipment is rusty and dangerous.

You must spend 20 minutes on this piece of homework – the amount you write will confirm how long you have spent on this because we know what you are capable of achieving in class.

Please use your best handwriting and remember to include the long date and title. Please underline both.  



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday! Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It is not acceptable for Home School Books to be late into school, or not to have the relevant reading in. You will be made to miss a break time to catch up if this is not done to the expected standard. Remember you could be reader of the week!


Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Bartropp and Miss Weston


Year 4


Ms Hawes’ Maths Group

LC: Can I use bus stop method?

Answer bus stop method word problems in your maths book. Remember to carry and think ‘how many___in____ and how many left over?’


Ms Pater’s Maths Group

LC: Can I give the position of the translated object on a grid?

Just like we have practiced at school, write the coordinates of the animal, then translate them and write new coordinate.



LC: Can I sort adverbials?

Building up on our adverbial phrases learning this week, you will need to create a table with headings for different type of adverbials e.g time, place, manner

Then you are going to write the adverbial phrases from your worksheet into relevant spaces.



You have been given a new spelling list by your teacher and are expected to write at least FIVE spelling sentences to show that you understand what the words mean. Do not pick the five easiest spellings – challenge yourself and use a dictionary to help you. These will be checked next Friday during the next spelling lesson – let’s see who can get 3 house points!


Cracking Times Tables

Please keep working on your times tables and try and beat your score from last week! We will be looking for those children who are really trying to improve each week. The Government state that all children should know their tables from 1-10 by the end of Year 4.



Don’t forget your Home School Book on Monday and make sure you have recorded all of your reading properly. We will be looking for a new ‘Reader of the Week’ and expect AT LEAST four reading entries in the Home School Book.

Well done Year 4 this week, have a great weekend!


Year 5


This week we have been writing diary entries.  We would like you to choose a day this week and write your own diary entry about what happened to you that day and how you were feeling. We would like you to reflect on how you felt about the things that happened to you – don’t just write a report or a recount of all the events – describe your reactions and feelings about them instead!

Remember to: write in the first person; in the past tense; in chronological order; use time connectives; show your feelings and emotions; secret thoughts; use informal/ chatty language and clear paragraphs.   Please also make sure you include a date for your diary entry.



Thank you for your excellent homework last week researching the author, Louis Sachar. We would love you to read another Louis Sachar book – not “There’s a Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom.” Louis has written many other great books for children. Can you give one a try between now and the end of term?

Wayside School series

Marvin Redpost series

Holes series

Other books:

Johnny’s in the Basement (1981)

Someday Angeline (1983)

Sixth Grade Secrets (1987) (known as Pig City in the UK9)

The Boy Who Lost His Face (1989)

Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes (1991)

The Cardturner (2010)

Fuzzy Mud (2015)


Maths: Mrs Bailey’s set

We have been adding and subtracting fractions in Maths this week.  I have selected either section A, B or C for you to complete from the sheet to add and subtract fractions.  Remember that for sections B and C, you will need to find the common denominator first before you calculate the answer.  Please look carefully as to whether the sum is addition or subtraction.


Maths Miss Wolfe/Mrs Baker

You also have adding and subtracting fractions. Please complete either section B or C. You must write the sum, show your working out and the final answer. Simplify the answer and if needed write it as a mixed number too. Set out your work carefully with a single digit in a box.


Year 6 – Due Thursday 6th July


We would like you to create a project, containing as much research and facts as you can about the Titanic.

You could think about the following areas: the construction of the ship, different classes and passengers on the ship, entertainment and facilities on board the Titanic, what happened when the Titanic sank, how people reacted to the sinking, how many people died, why so many lives were lost, what lessons have been learnt.


Project tips and expectations

  • A good project consists of pictures, subtitles and detailed information and a contents page. You might also want to include a glossary of words to help the reader.
  • Think about where you can find your information. You could get some books from the library or check the internet.
  • You are free to present your project as you wish; you can type it, handwrite it or have a mixture of both. When we last set you a project, some of you made some 3D models and put your information around that!
  • We want to see that you have made an effort to research different things and have taken care and thought carefully about presenting it beautifully. Think about how you could make your project interesting to read… You might want to have an outline of the ship and write your information inside, or have flaps which reveal facts!
  • Anything you write must be in your own words and you should make sure that you understand what you are writing about. We will be checking this.

As we are setting this as your Maths AND English homework for the next couple of weeks, you are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hours on this project.

Have a fantastic weekend

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