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Maths and Science Day

Today has been our Maths and Science day- it has been great to see the children take part in a variety of Maths and Science activities.

Year 3, 4 and 5 had a 45 minute experience in the Explorer Dome – after crawling in through a tunnel they were treated to a fantastic ‘Space’ show in the main part of the dome.

Year 4 had an hour and half visit from Science Oxford – they took part in a workshop all about ‘Changing Materials’. With googles at the ready, they were transformed into Scientists making observations about what might happen to various materials when heated.

Year 3 worked hard to build towers in small groups – learning about how to construct a firm structure and link paper together to create a tower.

Year 5 also had the opportunity to investigate electrical circuits and think about various ways to make different circuits in their classes.

Year 6 have spent the day, with Science Oxford, learning how to program lights, buzzers and motors. They then built themselves a fairground ride from’ Knex’ and spent the afternoon programming it to move and light up.

During the day all classes have also taken part in various Maths challenges – Murder Mysteries, Code Breaking and Maths Investigations.

Hopefully this enrichment day has given the children the chance to see how important Maths and Science are in the world around us.

Well done to all the children for their enthusiasm.

Mrs Atkinson and Miss Weston


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  1. Angelica

    I loved the programming especially when we made the double ferris wheel. it was a great experience and i would love to do it again.

  2. Phys Hedges

    Today was great and year 6 using kn ex were amazing.we were stunned that the computer could power a ride. we really enjoyed our selves.
    Thank you!

    • Rhys Hedges

      today was amazing and year 6 are very grate flu to the teachers.i am sure year 5 4 3,enjoyed themselves as well.

  3. Jessica Couch

    Thanks to Ian and Rodger for helping year 6 on Science day,It was a fantastic day for all of us!!!! 🙂

  4. Tamiya

    IT was a fantastic day
    I loved going into the dome and watching the stars move it made my feel dizzy

  5. Mani Cronin (Science club member)

    This day was really fun! A big thank you to the staff for organizing this and also to Ian and Roger

  6. Ryan

    Thank you for the great time and helping us through all the difficult times when we messed up with the k-nex (we aren’t very good.)

  7. Jessica Couch

    Thanks to Ian and Rodger for helping Year 6 on Science day,It was a fantastic day for all of us!!!! 🙂

  8. Ryan

    Thank you for the great time when u came over to help us with are k-nex (we aren’t very good). Thank you Ian and Rodger

  9. Lottie 5B

    first we did a maths problem and went in a dome which when i went home i felt dizzy

  10. Gavin

    I really enjoyed using the kin ex to make a Ferris wheel and towers to put the buzzers and lights on.

  11. Lucy Pike

    My favourite part was making a candyfloss machine with my group out of k-nex it was really fun!

  12. george f

    i loved making a roller coaster ride with knecks

  13. Mani Cronin (Science club member)

    Big thank you to all the staff who organized this and also to Ian and Roger (the people who ran the day for year 6). The day was great and I hope you do another at this school (I wont be here)

  14. lana james

    Thank you to both Ian and Roger for making the day as fun as possible!I had a terrific time coding and building stuff out of k’nex!!!!!;)

  15. lewis pryce

    Thank you for a wonderful time. I really enjoyed it – my favourite part was when we built a building using the knex. It was so much fun We programmed the wheel to move and made lights work and create music.