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Summer Holiday Homework

Year 3

Holiday Homework

Dear Year 2 (The New Year 3s),


It was wonderful to meet you all today and we hope you enjoyed your visit to the Junior School. So that we can get to know you even better, we would like you to do some holiday activities for us during your summer holidays.


  • The first thing that we would like you to do is to write a letter or a postcard to your teacher, talking about things that you have done or are doing over the holidays. You can either bring it in on the first day or send it to school over the summer holidays! The school address is:

Manor Farm Community Junior School

Rose Avenue


High Wycombe

HP15 7PH


We will display your postcards/letters in class in September so try your hardest with your presentation and your handwriting!


  • On the first day back, we would like you to bring in a shoe box with five things that represent you inside it. This could be your favourite toy, a photograph of your family or friends, or any other object that would tell us something about you. You can even decorate your shoe box if you like! We will be showing and discussing our objects with the class, so please only bring in objects that you feel happy to talk about or to bring in.


Lastly, we would like you to keep a record of your reading. We will be awarding gold, silver and bronze certificates to those of you that have read and recorded the most amount of readings from the summer holidays. Please record your readings in the booklet provided.


We hope you have a brilliant summer and we look forward to seeing you all again in September.


Year 4

Transition homework:  Journeying on from Year 3 to Year 4

Dear Year 3,

As you move on from Year 3 to Year 4, we would like you to have a well-earned rest, have fun, spend some quality time with your family and keep your brains active.

To help you achieve the last one, we would like you to continue your reading.

  • You might like to try a new author E.g: Michael Morpurgo, Paul Jennings.
  • You could also try reading some non-fiction E.g a travel guide/ information leaflet/ tourist guide.

Please record your reading in the reading record given to you.


Maths Around us

We would like you to continue to practise your Times Tables. We would also like you to see how many ways you can find to practise other ‘real life’ maths skills. E.g: doing some cooking as it will help with measuring, reading a timetable to get to somewhere on holiday, adding up items in a shop, checking your change, etc.


Summer Holiday Homework

Task One: For your main piece of homework we would like you to complete the ‘Summer Holiday Selfies’ sheet first. You need to think about your favourite 5 memories from the Summer E.g. eating ice-cream on the beach or visiting family. For each of your memories you must take a photo and stick it in the phone, or draw a picture showing your memory. If you are choosing to draw and colour, please make sure you do so beautifully as this work will be going on display.

Task Two: You must choose ONE of the memories in the phone to write about in the form of a recount. Today you chose a template to write this memory on. This is a chance for you to show off your writing skills; you must make sure you use capital letters and full stops. You also need to think about your handwriting. You can colour in the border and any pictures which are on the page. We are looking forward to reading about your summer.

As this homework is summer homework, it replaces English and Maths. You therefore need to spend a total of 40 minutes on your photos and writing, which isn’t long considering you have 6 weeks off!

We have given you a plastic wallet to keep all of this safe, ready to hand in on the first day back in September.

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in September.

The Year 4 team


Year 5

Summer Holiday Homework

The Best Homework Ever  – your homework for this summer!


How many of these activities can you do? Choose at least 3 of these to complete. We then want you to take a photograph of you doing one of these activities. You need to stick the photograph onto the top of an A4 piece of paper and underneath the photo write a good description of the activity you did. Your writing could include these facts: What did you do? Where did you do this? When did you do this? Who was with you? Why you enjoyed it? How did you feel when you did it?

We will use this work to create a display in the classroom so make sure it is very neat, colourful and well-presented. You could use a computer to create this homework. Please return the homework to school in the first week back.


1. Read a book, comic or magazine somewhere unusual. Can someone take a photo of you doing it?

2. Find a hill and go rolling down it

3. Make up a dance routine to your favourite song

4. Go for a long walk somewhere you’ve never been before

5. Collect some leaves and twigs and make a piece of ‘wild art’

6. Build something – a den, a fort, your choice!

7. Start a scrapbook of your summer holiday memories

8. Stay out till it’s dark. What can you spot? Stars? Bats? Or something else?

9. Lie down outside and cloud spot, what shapes can you see?

10. Watch the sunset, can you paint a picture of it?

11. Make shadow puppets, can you do a show for someone?

12. Camp out in the garden, what an adventure!

13. Find some flat stones and go stone skimming

14. Learn to use a compass, can you find your way with a map?

15. Go on a bug hunt, how many can you find?

16. Hide some treasure and make a treasure map for your friends to find it

17. Help to make a delicious meal for your family

18. Invent something new, can you draw a picture of it or write a description?

19. Find a pebble and paint it with a design to make a paperweight

20. Make a musical instrument using only natural materials


Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in Year 5 in September!


Year 6

Summer Homework

Due: Thursday 7th September

Over the summer holidays we would like you to create an ‘All About Me’ project so that we can read them and get to know you! Think about all the things you could include: family, hobbies, favourite food, best memory or holiday, parts of school you like etc. It’s up to you how you want to present it, however we expect 100% effort and will be displaying them in the classroom so it needs to be your best work. We look forward to reading them and finding out all about you!

Today we’ve spoken about the different roles that we will be allocating in Year 6, such as prefects, house captains, school councillors etc. If you would like to go for one of these roles, we would like you to prepare your speech or presentation ready for when we return. We will hold elections in the first week back.

Over the holidays we trust you will be doing lots of reading, ready for Year 6 as well as practising your times tables. As you don’t yet have a Home School Book, we would like you to write a book review of a book you have read over the summer. We will then discuss these and share them amongst your peers to help others pick interesting books to read.

Have a great summer. We are looking forward to teaching you in September!

Mrs Hillier & Mrs Atkinson

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