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Homework 7.9.17

Posted On 08 Sep 2017
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Year 5 

Thank you for all the wonderful holiday work you completed. We have enjoyed reading and sharing all the experiences you had this summer.

This weekend you have three jobs to do!

  1. Colour in the illuminated letter you have been given. You may use colouring pencil or felt tips. You must colour very carefully and make sure all the detail in the picture shows. This picture will become the cover of your English book so you need to do a very good job! In the picture can you see all the things that begin with the letter of your name?
  2. Find some feathers! You will need these for our Art lesson on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about. Can you find any feathers on the ground? We are going to start out Art work on Birds by looking very closely at feathers. The more you can find the better!
  3. Can you bring in a flower on Thursday? This will be part of our Science lesson. Don’t bring this before Thursday as it will die before we use it!


Thank you.


Year 6

Due in on Tuesday 12th September

This week your homework is …


Please bring in a furniture catalogue from home ready for a lesson next week. If you don’t have one don’t worry, but if you have more than one then please could you bring one to share! We are going to be cutting things so please don’t bring a special one J


Next week you are going to be writing a biography about your teacher. Therefore, in preparation, you need to devise a set of 10 questions that you would like to ask so you can include them in your biography. For example; how many siblings (if any) do you have? What did you do before you became a teacher? Etc. You should write the questions in your English Homework Book and write in blue ink. Your presentation should be the same at home as it is in school, therefore the long date and title should be written.

Title – Can I devise a set of questions to help me write a biography?


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